Morocco cement market

Morocco's steady economic development performance from the past 14 years is currently threatened by a combination of domestic and external vulnerabilities.

The continuing crisis registered at the level of the country's most important European partners, the exposure to weather swings given the importance of the agriculture sector, and the recent governmental measures that cooled off the economy have all led to a grim scenario for the construction and the cement markets. Both segments will face the second consecutive decline in 2013.
The CW Group Research report provides an in-depth and data-oriented analysis of the economy, construction and cement market in Morocco. The forecast through 2017 offers cement stakeholders with the most important analytics, including cement consumption, but also cement capacity expansions planned or underway.

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• Evaluate the competitiveness of cement market in Morocco
• Track quarterly cement, clinker and granulated slag prices on a consistent and comparable multi-year basis
• This study brings a forecast report to the industry with a new level of analytical rigor, enabling industry professionals to shape their perspective on markets, priorities and what may be around the corner for world cement markets.

This report builds on the CW Group’s industry-leading and proprietary databases and the industry’s most extensive market intelligence platform, and also combines CW Research analysts’ views with inputs from multiple other external analysts, industry associations, market observations, monthly tracking information, discussions with executives and management at cement manufacturing groups, plus a CW Group quantitative overlay model (econometric and statistical quant models).

The report is dedicated to business leaders, strategic planners, business development professionals, equipment suppliers, cement traders etc.


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Release date2013


$2,200.00 each

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