Suzano Papel e Celulose is one of the leading Brazilian companies active in the eucalyptus pulp segment. Internationally, it is the second largest producer of eucalyptus pulp and is among the five largest pulp companies in the market.

In an exclusive interview with CW Group's, Suzano CEO Walter Schalka spoke about its extensive market experience, current production and demand trends in the South American market and its sustainability practices. The interview was granted by several members of the company.

Q: Suzano Papel e Celulose is one of the largest producers of eucalyptus pulp and paper in Latin America. What is the key to the success and how would you describe the role and main focus of Suzano nowadays?

A: Suzano Pulp and Paper is a family-controlled and professionally managed public corporation whose long history has been marked by entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded 93 years ago, we continue to work to become an even more competitive and sustainable company that cultivates quality relationships with its stakeholders.

Over the past few years, we’ve carried out a comprehensive cultural transformation to encourage new attitudes, greater autonomy and entrepreneurship. At the same time, we’re improving our capacity to listen, capture and incorporate messages from clients, suppliers and local communities without forgetting our obligation to constantly find new, more efficient ways to mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations.

We want more than results; we want to contribute to the development of interpersonal relationships and contact with our various stakeholders. So we’ve trained our employees to act as agents of change with the capacity to create better internal processes while promoting social transformation externally.

This cultural transformation is aligned with the company’s belief, Strong and Gentle, which means that we have the strength to lead and mobilize transformations and gentle to cultivate relations with stakeholders and the environment.

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