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The domestic paper industry market is expected to recover this year

The transition to a single-line unbleached kraft pulp mill is going as planned

The sector was under pressure in 2022

The company invested in a new paper or aluminum-based packaging plant

This price rise happened as a result of the increase in energy prices


06 February 2023

Chinese paper industry registers first collective price increase in 2023

The domestic paper industry market is expected to recover this year

06 February 2023

Egyptian wood prices on February 6, 2023

Wood prices remain mostly flat in Egypt

06 February 2023

Phenix was at one of the largest pulp mills in the world

The unit is located in Uruguay

06 February 2023

Escanaba paper mill receives massive expansion investment

One of the top employers in Delta County has estimated USD 360 million in annual economic impact on

06 February 2023

Last white paper mill in Australia could soon be shut down

Native forest logging in Victoria would end

06 February 2023

Packaging industry innovates with waterproof organic packaging paper

Over 80 innovations will shape the packaging industry

06 February 2023

New pulp mill in Mato Grosso do Sul guarantees investments on the East Coast

Public and private investments secure economic developments

Frogmore Paper Mill produces elephant feces paper
Every ton of paper recycled is equivalent to 17 trees saved
 3 Feb
Smurfit Kappa bets on green energy in its board and paper mills
The company is investing in solar panels in its factories in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco
 3 Feb
 3 Feb
West Fraser successfully transitions Hinton Pulp mill
The transition to a single-line unbleached kraft pulp mill is going as planned
 3 Feb
Egyptian wood prices on February 3, 2023
Wood prices remain mostly flat in Egypt
 3 Feb
Chinese paper mills joined forces to raise prices in February
Production costs have increased significantly
 3 Feb
China’s paper and paperboard production decreases in December

Paper and paperboard decreased year-on-year and rose month-on-month

02 Feb
France´s chemical wood pulp imports increase in September

Imports increased year-on-year and dropped month-on-month

01 Feb
Japan’s pulp production decreases in November

Pulp production decreased year-on-year and month-on month

02 Feb
Taiwan ’s paper production increases in October

Paper production decreased on a yearly basis

26 Jan
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices continue to rise in Portugal in October

FOB price of chemical wood pulp in Portugal increased year-on-year

26 Jan
US chemical wood pulp exports increase in September

Average export prices increased year-on-year

26 Jan
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    Amid the proliferation of recyclable packaging options due to environmental concerns, paper holds an important position. Kraft paper bags segmented by open mouth, pasted valve and flat bottom product types have diverse applications bases ranging from fertilizer, pharma, cement, chemicals, animal feed to food. Kraft paper can solidify its position as the preferred packaging material at the expense of HDPE, woven and polyurethane bags due to their relative ease of recycling as regulations tighten globally on the use of plastics.

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