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Forestry income in the region was uplifting for the country

Of the known 1,000 bamboo species, 49 grow in the Philippines that gives the country the potential to become a major supplier of products made from the plant

Record high prices for softwood lumber in North America and rising export prices in Sweden, Finland and Russia as wood demand picks up

A considerable portion of the funds from the regional forestry department was collected through auctions

The Louveira plant is located in São Paulo


19 January 2018

Pulp prices soar over tight supply

Japanese buyers are paying more than a year earlier

19 January 2018

Prinzhorn Group to double in size

The company will suffer continuous growth until 2030

19 January 2018

McDonald’s announces plans to recycle all packaging

All of its packaging should become renewable until 2025

19 January 2018

Russia: Results for the Omsk forest management in 2017

All forest management activities in 2017 summed up

19 January 2018

A.Celli showcases new business unit

Extreme Automation is the group’s answer for production system efficiency

19 January 2018

Paper industry contests gas prices

The APKI is still opposed to the gas usage for domestic paper industry

19 January 2018

Smurfit Kappa expands recycling plant network

A new plant in Malaga will strengthen the service in the region

Duluth could seek loan for Verso upgrade
The move would keep the city’s papermaking industry up and running
18 Jan
India receives forest management certification
The NCCF released the statement on Saturday
18 Jan
Koehler Paper to increase thermal paper prices
Thermal paper prices will see prices surge
18 Jan
WestRock appoints new president
The new head of the company holds more than 12 years of experience in the industry
19 Jan
New combustion systems benefit Canadian paper mills
The new technology is now able to burn the wet paper mill sludge
18 Jan
Asia Pulp & Paper increases photocopy paper price in Latin America
The price adjustment is designed to help establish price consistency
18 Jan
Seshasayee Paper expects stock to keep improving
A recent gain in the previous 3 months has boosted confidence
17 Jan
Italian chemical wood pulp import prices increase in September

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a month-on-month increase in September 2017.

19 Jan
Indonesian chemical wood pulp FOB prices increase in November

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month increase in November 2017.

18 Jan
Russian pulp exports increase month-on-month in September

During the month, pulp exports increased both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting a 4.2% MoM in

18 Jan
U.S. exports of chemical wood pulp increase on a monthly basis

Month on month, US exports of chemical wood pulp increased in October 2017.

12 Jan
German pulp production decreases through November 2017

According to CW Research, during the first eleven months of 2017, pulp production decreased, posting

11 Jan
German chemical wood pulp CIF prices decrease in September

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month decrease in September 2017.

11 Jan
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