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The company hasn’t replied to offers from investors

The company is rolling out a new investment plan for the mill

Inventories decreased month-on-month

The government wants to modernize the equipment to improve quality and production


21 August 2018

South Urals government to invest in production of white toilet paper

The company is undergoing a transforming project

21 August 2018

Box-Pak’s net loss narrows in second quarter

The company’s revenue rose year-on-year

21 August 2018

Verso records profit in second quarter

The company had reported a loss in the second quarter of 2017

21 August 2018

CPH Chemie’s earnings rise in first half of the year

The paper business division achieved strong earnings during the period

21 August 2018

Newsprint prices rally worldwide

India’s print industry being affected by the rise in paper prices

21 August 2018

Sappi Europe to increase product prices

New prices to be effective starting October

21 August 2018

Sumitomo Forestry acquires assets in the US

The company is expecting a rise in sales

Verso to sell mill in Wickliffe
The facility’s new owner will restart operations
17 Aug
City of San Francisco to adopt paper and wood straws
The city has banned the use of plastic and bioplastic straws
17 Aug
WestRock yet to announce final decision for Newberg mill
The company hasn’t replied to offers from investors
17 Aug
Valmet to supply equipment to Estonian Cell
The order is part of Estonian Cell’s investment program
17 Aug
Valmet to deliver containerboard line to Shanying International
Shanying had requested other equipment from the company earlier in the year
17 Aug
Japanese chemical wood pulp CIF prices increase in June

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Japan recorded a month-on-month decrease in June 2018.

17 Aug
US chemical wood pulp imports from Canada rise in June

Year on year, US imports of mechanical wood pulp from Canada increased in June 2018.

16 Aug
Portuguese chemical wood pulp trade prices slip in May

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Portugal recorded a month-on-month decrease in May 2018.

16 Aug
Chinese paper and paperboard production contracts in June

Domestic output of paper and paperboard recorded an almost double-digit yearly decline

10 Aug
German chemical wood pulp CIF prices improve in May

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month increase in May 2018.

10 Aug
Russian pulp exports rise in May

Pulp exports continued to increase YoY in May in Russia.

09 Aug
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