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Turnover for 2017 stood at € 1,637 million, up by 3.8%

The high demand market is providing the grounds for the increase

Pulp output increased greatly due to Horizonte 2

A joint venture was established

A new 40-inch sheet-fed Bobst die-cutter will join the company’s ranks


24 May 2018

Bobst inaugurates new facility in China

The new facility includes an R&D center

24 May 2018

Valmet supplying new tissue machine to Chinese mill

The company will also restart an idled tissue machine

24 May 2018

New Forests investing in genetic technology

The company is deploying the initiative at two of its investments

24 May 2018

CCL Industries acquires new asset in Israel

The new asset operates in the label and marking systems markets

24 May 2018

Antalis’ sales decrease in 1Q 2018

EBITDA and operating income fell year-on-year

24 May 2018

Royal Golden Eagle Group acquires Lwarcel

The buyer already owns other pulp assets in Brazil

24 May 2018

APP tests woodchips from Vietnam and Australia

The company is considering to import woodchips

Chinese company building new pulp and paper mill in Kazakhstan
The project is still being discussed with Kazakh authorities
23 May
Lee and Man Paper developing new plant in Myanmar
The Chinese company has received the support of the local government
22 May
India’s Bank Note Paper Mill increasing output
The company will increase production of bank note paper
22 May
Valmet and Georgia-Pacific enter new licensing agreement
The technology entailed in the deal was developed by Georgia-Pacific
21 May
Norpac against Canadian import tax relief measures
The company prompted the anti-dumping duties investigation on Canadian newsprint imports
22 May
21 May
Chinese chemical wood pulp CIF prices increase in December

Imports of chemical wood pulp to China recorded a month-on-month decrease in December 2017.

18 May
Japanese pulp production and consumption decrease in February

Pulp production in Japan decreased 5.8% month-on-month in February, reaching 693,574 tons.

18 May
FOB prices for Brazilian wood pulp increase in February

Exports of wood pulp from Brazil decreased month-on-month, but improved on a year-on-year basis in F

18 May
Japanese chemical wood pulp CIF prices increase in February

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Japan recorded a month-on-month increase in February 2018.

11 May
Italian chemical wood pulp import prices increase in January

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a month-on-month increase in January 2018.

11 May
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices increase in Chile in January

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile recorded a month-on-month decrease in January 2018.

11 May
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