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Cardboard shipments is breaking records for the second consecutive month

The Swedish forest management and timber company is investing in its sawmill in Kåge

The export value of wood and wood products declined more than 10 percent in the period

The transaction is part of a plan to divest four of Stora Enso's paper production sites

The new sites will focus not only on recyclable fiber-based packaging but also on solutions for plastic replacement


26 September 2022

Dunn Paper to close Port Huron Mill

The company will continue to produce high-quality machine glazed products at its Menominee, MI, and

26 September 2022

Hancock Lumber to acquire Madison Lumber Mill

The two of New England’s top eastern white pine manufacturers will combine efforts

26 September 2022

PulPac pushes Dry Molded Fiber technology development further

Company continues to develop its Dry Molded Fiber technology {reg}Dry Molded Fiber is a fiber-formi

26 September 2022

Progroup plans a new plant in Cessalto, Italy

The company is investing more than EUR 90 million in the project {reg}Ran by a German family, Progr

26 September 2022

Brazil's cardboard shipments increases in August 2022

Cardboard shipments is breaking records for the second consecutive month

26 September 2022

Hakle uses new raw material to make toilet paper

In order to tackle high costs of production, the company innovates

26 September 2022

Seiko to expand sales of next-generation materials

A total of JPY 30 billion was set for the strategic investment over nine years

Pixelle announces closure of Jay paper mill in 2023
The company reported that continuing with operations is non-viable
23 Sep
Brazilian pulp and paper sector invests in expansion projects
Suzano and other companies increase investments in the sector
23 Sep
23 Sep
Norra Skog makes record-breaking investment in its sawmill
The Swedish forest management and timber company is investing in its sawmill in Kåge
23 Sep
Moelven places most extensive single order ever to Valutec
Moelven expects opportunities for major synergies by using Valutec’s technology
23 Sep
Snavely Forest Products joins Trex Distribution Network
A leader in wholesale lumber industry is joining Trex company’s distribution footprint
23 Sep
Japanese paper shipments increases in August 2022
Paper shipments rose almost 3 percent compared with the same month in 2021
26 Sep
Italy´s chemical wood pulp import price continues to increase in May

Import values of chemical wood pulp to Italy increased year-on-year and month-on-month in May

22 Sep
France’s paper and carton production decreases in June

Paper and carton production decreased both year-on-year and month-on-month in June

22 Sep
Bangladesh’s paper production increases in May

Paper production grew both year-on-year and month-on-month

21 Sep
US mechanical wood pulp imports from Canada increase in June

Mechanical wood pulp imports increased both year-on-year and month-on-month

15 Sep
Germany´s chemical wood pulp imports decline in June

Import volumes decreased year-on-year and month-on-month

14 Sep
Japan’s pulp production decreases in July

Pulp production decreased year-on-year and increased month-on month

14 Sep
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