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The price adjustment will apply to deliveries from June 1

The new mill is scheduled to go into operation in the beginning of 2024

The company has invested a total of around EUR 10 million at the site

The plant's cardboard machine rehabilitation is 25 percent complete

Paper mills in Guangdong, Hebei and Shandong announced price increases


14 May 2021

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe to rise prices for coated speciality papers

The price adjustment will apply to deliveries from June 1

14 May 2021

byteLAKE and Intel to develop AI solution for papermaking process

The solution is designed to help paper mills avoid costly disruptions during paper production

14 May 2021

United States recycles over 65 percent of paper consumed in 2020

The country maintained a recycling rate that has been consistently high for over a decade

14 May 2021

The price of pulp made from U.S. waste paper in China soars

The price of US waste paper pulp is close to USD 500 per ton

14 May 2021

Guangxi's forestry output value rises sharply in the first quarter of 2021

The value increased by 40 percent year-on-year

14 May 2021

Suzano posts loss but sees surge in EBITDA in the first quarter

The Brazilian company's EBITDA grew 61 percent with high pulp prices

13 May 2021

Mondi begins delivering Kraft top white containerboard grade to Europe customers

The products are made at the new PM19 recycled containerboard machine at Ružomberok, in Slovakia

Thimm Group installs a new corrugator at its Czech plant in Všetaty
The company has invested a total of around EUR 10 million at the site
12 May
Suzano launches new line of toilet paper
The new product will be produced at the Cachoeiro de Itapemirim plant in Espírito Santo, which open
11 May
Thailand's TPLAS sees profit surge in the first quarter of 2021
The growth of food delivery due to the Covid-19 pandemic boosted sales
11 May
Taiwan's paper mills post double-digit revenue growth in April
The companies are benefiting from high demand for packaging for export
12 May
Domtar reports loss in the first quarter of 2021
The company posted a decline of 8.4 percent in revenues in the quarter
11 May
Stora Enso and Pulpex partner to produce eco-friendly paper bottles
A high-speed production line is expected to be operational in 2022
12 May
12 May
France’s pulp production continues to grow in February

Production increased yearly but declined monthly

12 May
Brazil’s paper production rises in February

Consumption also rose on a yearly basis in the month

12 May
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices weaken in Chile in December

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile declined both year-on-year and month-on-month

06 May
China’s paper and paperboard production rises in January

Paper and paperboard production continued to grew both yearly and monthly

05 May
Japan’s pulp production declines in January

Production declined year-on-year but increased month-on-month

05 May
Russia’s pulp exports decrease in January

Export volumes decreased both yearly and monthly

29 Apr
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