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The Swedish Competition Authority has approved the sale

The company is optimistic about the future

Prices for wood chips had been in decline due to lower demand

The paper was specifically developed for water-based inkjet printing

Packaging Star of the Year was among the distinctions received by the company


17 July 2019

Spain’s cellulose production increases in first quarter

Graphic paper production has been declining

17 July 2019

Sihl Group to close facility in Switzerland

The company is still considering alternatives to the closure

17 July 2019

Bradesco: Hardwood pulp market currently oversupplied

Already low prices are expected to drop further

17 July 2019

Brazil: Pulp and paper boost Mato Grosso do Sul’s exports

Exports from this segment accounted for over half of total

17 July 2019

Tetra Pak launching paper straws in Europe

The company will not apply for patent protection to help the industry become more sustainable

17 July 2019

Austrian publishing house to become climate-positive thanks to sustainable paper and ink

The company is integrating the "Cradle to Cradle" concept, which does not produce garbage

17 July 2019

CEPI members’ production remains stable in 2018

Exports continue to grow, especially to North America

India: Local congressman demands decision on reopening of Bilt Paper Mill
The official has threatened to paralyze the assembly if the issue remains unresolved
15 Jul
Crossroads Paper to build new greenfield facility in Utah
The company aims to reduce water use during the manufacturing process
15 Jul
German company develops paper alternative to plastic film
The paper is made from pulp and grass fibers
16 Jul
US: Soft Touch Tissue & Paper to open facilities in Maine
Equipment is still yet to be installed at the new unit
15 Jul
UPM Plattling in Germany closes production line
The paper machine was already shut down
16 Jul
Smurfit Kappa opens new plant in Italy
The company will be focusing on production from recycled paper
15 Jul
Kimberly-Clark launches 2018 Global Sustainability Report
The company has achieved some major milestones during the year
15 Jul
Germany’s chemical wood pulp imports drop in March

Values and volumes alike declined from March 2018

16 Jul
US mechanical wood imports rise in April

Volumes and values of imports rose during the month

12 Jul
France’s chemical wood pulp imports decline in April

Both volumes and values showed a yearly decline

12 Jul
Japan’s pulp production declines in April

Output of pulp fell both year-on-year and month-on-month

11 Jul
China’s paper and paperboard output falls in April

Production fell sharply year-on-year and month-on-month

05 Jul
Chile’s chemical wood pulp exports rise in March

Volumes increased while values fell from the same month in 2018

05 Jul
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