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The investment will help the regional economy to flourish

CMPC to become leader in the country’s tissue sector

The company’s output in the third quarter will be greatly reduced

The company achieved a net loss during the period

The facility will be built on the grounds of the former Wickliffe mill, Kentucky


16 August 2019

Ethiopia’s reforestation efforts proceeding according to target

The country has launched a program to end the rising deforestation

16 August 2019

Nestlé to switch to paper wrapping of Japanese KitKats

The company is urging customers to use the paper to make origami cranes

16 August 2019

Paper companies stand to benefit from shift away from plastic

Changing consumer habits could lead to more profits

16 August 2019

Nanocellulose proving a sustainable replacement for steel

New research highlights several potential uses for the material

16 August 2019

Researchers develop plant-based alternative to plastic microbeads

The new material is made entirely of cellulose

16 August 2019

Iran’s paper and cardboard production increases in March-July

The country’s exports surged year-on-year

16 August 2019

Lee & Man Paper’s revenues decline in first half of 2019

The company’s net profit fell in the first quarter

Chemical industrial group Sniace to expand production of soluble cellulose
The company is launching a new production line this month
15 Aug
SIG building new production plant in China
The new facility is expected to be operational by early 2021
14 Aug
Plásticos Juncaril receives funds to produce paper bags
New machinery will be introduced in order to diversify production
14 Aug
European Union sets out new framework for protection of forests
The new approach introduces several measures regarding international cooperation
14 Aug
Cascades’ sales reach new record high in second quarter
The company’s operating income grew year-on-year
15 Aug
Lecta evaluates alternatives regarding conversion of French mill line
A recent initiative was objected to, but the decision is not binding
14 Aug
Researchers develop plant-based alternative to plastic microbeads
The new material is made entirely of cellulose
16 Aug
France’s pulp production increases in June

Output rose both year-on-year and month-on-month

16 Aug
Germany’s chemical wood pulp imports fall in April

The country’s imports dropped both in terms of value and volume

16 Aug
Brazil’s pulp production rises in June

Domestic consumption contracted year-on-year and month-on-month

15 Aug
09 Aug
Chinese paper and paperboard output increases in May

Monthly output rose both yearly and monthly

08 Aug
Chile’s chemical wood pulp exports volume rise in April

In terms of value, exports fell year-on-year

07 Aug
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