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Costumers were notified via letter

The food technology company announced a commercial agreement

The partnership aims to create wood-based telecom towers

The project is expected to be completed by mid-2024

The Oman-based company is investing USD 40 million


05 October 2022

Daio Paper announces water-repellent paper material

The Japanese company reduced the percentage of plastic in the product

05 October 2022

Mondi develops packaging for new Felleskjøpet’s premium pet food

Norwegian pet food company chooses Mondi’s recyclable high-barrier packaging

05 October 2022

Pixelle announces the restart of Chillicothe’s paper machine

The company invested more than USD 20 million in the plant upgrade

05 October 2022

Andrits receives order from Bracell SP Celulose

Andritz is supplying the Brazilian company with high-speed lines

05 October 2022

BlueLinx acquires Vandermeer Forest Products

The wholesale distributor of building products based in Washington has been acquired

05 October 2022

BNDES announces investments in Suzano

The aim of the investment is partly to support the eucalypt plantation

05 October 2022

Alexandria’s Racta announces development project

The project includes the development and rehabilitation work for production lines

Suzano announces high investment for 2023
The Brazilian company plans to invest more than BRL 19 billion in new pulp mill
 3 Oct
Metsä Group’s new mill in Rauma in production phase
The Finish sawmill has moved from its production trial operation
 3 Oct
 5 Oct
Enviva has new wood biomass facility in George County
Plant will deliver a sustainable low-carbon substitute for fossil fuels
 3 Oct
Saudi paper industry signs agreement with Italian Toscotec
At issue is the manufacture and supply of raw tissue paper roles
 3 Oct
ABB invests in expanding its presence in Canada
The investment is the company’s second expansion in the country in past year
 3 Oct
Egyptian researchers create cardboard from agricultural waste
The research team was aided by Egyptian paper companies
 4 Oct
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices decrease in Chile in July

FOB price of chemical wood pulp in Chile decreased year-on-year

06 Oct
China’s paper and paperboard production decreases in August

Paper and paperboard decreased year-on-year and month-on-month

06 Oct
Japan’s pulp production increases in August

Pulp production increased year-on-year and month-on month

06 Oct
Bangladesh’s paper production decreases in June

Paper production dropped YoY and MoM

05 Oct
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices continue to rise in Portugal in June

FOB price of chemical wood pulp in Portugal increased year-on-year

28 Sep
US chemical wood pulp exports decrease in June

Average export prices increased year-on-year

29 Sep
  • CIS Pulp Industry Forecast Report

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the Commonwealth of Independent States pulp market

  • Filler and Coating Chemicals Industry Report and Outlook

    The report provides an in-depth assessment and market demand and size forecast for paper and pulp filler and coating chemicals, including calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, talc and others.

  • Acrylic resin market industry report and outlook

    Acrylic resins are synthetic polymers primarily derived from acrylic acids. Acrylic resins find applications in paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others due to its property of being solvent in water and oil as well. The scope of the report consists of studying the overall market trend and the challenges faced by the market. The report will segment the global market of acrylic resin on the basis of product type, solvency, property, applications and by geography in terms of revenues, and in volumes.

    The report breaks down the Acrylic Resin Market:

    • By type, by solvency, and by property
    • Application: paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others,
    • Geography: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and ROW


    Table of contents:

    1. Industry overview
    2. Market dynamics
      1. Value chain analysis
      2. Market drivers, restrains and opportunities
      3. Industry challenges
    3. Research Methodology
      1. Market Size
      2. Key data points from primary sources
      3. Key data points from secondary sources
    4. Uses of acrylic Resin and its Types – An overview
    5. Executive Summary
    6. Global Demand of Phenolic Resin
      1. By Type
        1. Methacrylates
        2. Acrylates
        3. Hybrids
      2. By Solvency
        1. Water Solvent
        2. Oil Solvent
      3. By Property
        1. Thermoplastic
        2. Thermosetting
      4. By Application
        1. Wood Adhesives
        2. Molding
        3. Laminates
        4. Insulation
        5. Others
      5. By Region
        1. Asia-Pacific
        2. Europe
        3. North America
        4. Rest of World
    7. Manufacturing process of Rubber (Natural & Synthetic)
    8. Competitive Landscape
      1. Introduction
      2. Acrylic Resin Market Major Developments
    9. Company Profile
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