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The plant's cardboard machine rehabilitation is 25 percent complete

Paper mills in Guangdong, Hebei and Shandong announced price increases

The new Valmet Fiberline Analyzer enables pulp makers to improve total pulp quality management

The Irish company’s revenues amounted to EUR 2,269 million in the period

The production will increase from the current level of 475,000 cubic meters to more than 600,000 cubic meters


11 May 2021

Interfor Corporation discloses its results for the first quarter of 2021

Adjusted EBITDA was a record in the quarter

11 May 2021

Domtar reports loss in the first quarter of 2021

The company posted a decline of 8.4 percent in revenues in the quarter

11 May 2021

Basra Paper Factory plans to establish a new paper bags production line

The plant's cardboard machine rehabilitation is 25 percent complete

11 May 2021

Thailand's TPLAS sees profit surge in the first quarter of 2021

The growth of food delivery due to the Covid-19 pandemic boosted sales

11 May 2021

Suzano launches new line of toilet paper

The new product will be produced at the Cachoeiro de Itapemirim plant in Espírito Santo, which open

11 May 2021

Italian agency coordinates network to promote sustainable agrivoltaic

Agrivoltaic allows the production of electricity from photovoltaics and, at the same time, to cultiv

10 May 2021

Drax Group to build the first of three new pellet plants in Arkansas

The three plants are expected to produce approximately 120,000 tons of sustainable biomass pellets a

Mondi reports its 1Q2021 results
Its underlying EBITDA for the first quarter declined 8 percent year-on-year
 7 May
Irani discloses its 1Q2021 results
The company posted a year-on-year surge in its Adjusted EBITDA, up by 92.2 percent compared to 1Q202
 7 May
Twin Rivers Paper's Edmundston mill completes biomass unit maintenance
The maintenance shutdown began in the middle of April
 7 May
Toilet paper prices rise on the back of soaring raw materials cost
Prices are also escalating due to the recovery after Covid-19 in China and the delay in global shipp
10 May
NORPAC to expand the OCC line for at its Longview mill
Global technology supplier Andritz will be the supplier
 7 May
Paper prices in China continue on an upward trend
Paper mills in Guangdong, Hebei and Shandong announced price increases
 7 May
Loiste Companies and KaiCell Fibers to develop renewable energy production
KaiCell Fibers aims to build a bioproduct factory in Paltamo to produce 600,000 tons of bleached pul
 7 May
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices weaken in Chile in December

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile declined both year-on-year and month-on-month

06 May
China’s paper and paperboard production rises in January

Paper and paperboard production continued to grew both yearly and monthly

05 May
Japan’s pulp production declines in January

Production declined year-on-year but increased month-on-month

05 May
Russia’s pulp exports decrease in January

Export volumes decreased both yearly and monthly

29 Apr
Japan’s paper production weakens in February

The output decreased both year-on-year and month-on-month

28 Apr
France’s paper production declines in February

Paper and carton production decreased both MoM and YoY

28 Apr
  • Global Kraft Paper Bag Market & Forecast Report (Forecast to 2025)

    Amid the proliferation of recyclable packaging options due to environmental concerns, paper holds an important position. Kraft paper bags segmented by open mouth, pasted valve and flat bottom product types have diverse applications bases ranging from fertilizer, pharma, cement, chemicals, animal feed to food. Kraft paper can solidify its position as the preferred packaging material at the expense of HDPE, woven and polyurethane bags due to their relative ease of recycling as regulations tighten globally on the use of plastics.

  • Global Wood Pulp Volume Forecast

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth study of the wood pulp market and provides an in-depth forecast analysis.

  • World Wood Pulp Mill Equipment Forecast Report

    CW Research's report details the opportunities and challenges that suppliers of equipment in pulp mills are facing

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