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The project will produce corrugated paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard packaging

The goal of the project is to develop a novel wood-based 3D fibre product for food packaging

In the first seven months of the year, it was up compared to the same period of 2019

Prices in May have declined from January

The waste could be turned to fertilizers


19 October 2020

Hamburg Containerboard to close its cartonboard production in the Trostberg mill

The continuing decline in orders and high maintenance and operating costs led to the closure

19 October 2020

Atlantic Packaging Products to build a new recycled paper machine in Whitby, Ontario, US

The machine will produce 400,000 tons per year of high performance lightweight medium and liner

19 October 2020

Andritz to supply a stock preparation equipment to the Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill

The start-up of the equipment is scheduled for the beginning of 2021

19 October 2020

Tri-Wall Group's subsidiary acquires Thimm Packaging Systems Mexico

The Thimm Group is a packaging specialist headquartered in Germany

19 October 2020

Boxboard production decreases in the United States in September

In the first 9 months of 2020, the production was down 3 percent year-on-year

19 October 2020

Toscotec to rebuild two tissue machines in Europe and Africa

The projects are scheduled to be completed in 2021

19 October 2020

Volume of wood harvested in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul drops in 2019

Five out of 10 municipalities with the largest areas of planted forests in Brazil are in the state o

Carfal exports double sheet paper towels to Uruguay
The first shipment to Uruguay took place at the beginning of September
16 Oct
Simpson Manufacturing appoints new COO
Michael Olosky will succeed Ricardo Arevalo, who retired
16 Oct
UPM concludes employee consultations for the closure of its Kaipola paper mill
The paper mill in Jämsä, Finland, will be closed permanently by mid-December
16 Oct
Russia's AFK and Rostec design project for forestry digitalization
The project proposes system to solve illegal logging and monitoring of deforestation activities
16 Oct
Europe launches anti-dumping procedure for imports of birch plywood from Russia
The period under investigation will be from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2020
16 Oct
16 Oct
US chemical wood pulp exports increase in May

Average exports values fell year-on-year but strengthened month-on-month

15 Oct
Portugal’s chemical wood pulp exports contracts in May

Average export prices increased month-on-month

15 Oct
Italy's chemical wood pulp import volume decreases in May

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a monthly rise

14 Oct
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices decrease in Chile in May

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile decreased yearly

14 Oct
US chemical wood pulp imports weaken in May

Average import prices decreased yearly, but slightly improved month-on-month

07 Oct
Russia’s pulp exports drop in May

Export volumes reduced both monthly and yearly

08 Oct
  • Global Kraft Paper Bag Market & Forecast Report (Forecast to 2025)

    Amid the proliferation of recyclable packaging options due to environmental concerns, paper holds an important position. Kraft paper bags segmented by open mouth, pasted valve and flat bottom product types have diverse applications bases ranging from fertilizer, pharma, cement, chemicals, animal feed to food. Kraft paper can solidify its position as the preferred packaging material at the expense of HDPE, woven and polyurethane bags due to their relative ease of recycling as regulations tighten globally on the use of plastics.

  • International Wood Pulp Trade Market and Outlook Report

    The report provides an in-depth assessment and market size forecast for the global wood pulp trade market, including the trade of pulplogs, woodchips and biomass fiber.

  • Africa Pulp Industry Forecast Report

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the African pulp market

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