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The effective date of the appointment is yet to be announced

Production volumes have also been steadily increasing

The company sold its plantations of Southern Pine in the state

The company is a strong regional player in Germany

The company will be beginning commercial production of the recognized product in 2021


27 May 2020

Brazil’s forestry sector exports decline in first quarter

Cellulose sales accounted for the largest export sales segment

27 May 2020

Spain’s wood sector to use blockchain in supply chain

The process will assist with logistics and overall operations

27 May 2020

Mexico’s timber sector record halving of sales

Construction activity in the country has mostly ceased

27 May 2020

West Fraser resumes lumber and plywood production

The company also announced the voting results for its Board of Directors

27 May 2020

Mondi appoints new CFO

The effective date of the appointment is yet to be announced

27 May 2020

Södra ends furlough scheme at Hamina sawmill

All of its sawmills resume normal production rates

27 May 2020

Titan Group tests patrol drone at large logging area

After the testing, the company has decided to purchase another of these

Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches portfolio for face masks
The company wants to meet the increase in demand for these products
25 May
Mercer calls for government intervention to maintain pulp supply chain
The president of Mercer International warned about possible toilet paper shortages
26 May
Gina Tricot implements Stora Enso technology in clothing hangtags
The company has designed a collection specifically for the retail industry
25 May
Mosaic Forest Management signs agreement with First Nations
The new agreement affirms the company’s adherence to the people’s values
25 May
San Group denounces deal with US steelworkers and Mosaic Forest Management
The company said the deal will “kill” the local fiber supply chain
25 May
Cellwood receives equipment order from Södra Cell
The delivery will take place in October
26 May
Gabon sends “historic” wood shipment to China
The shipment has signaled a resumption of activity in the country’s wood industry
25 May
France’s pulp production declines in February

Production declined both yearly and monthly

22 May
Italy’s chemical wood pulp imports expand in November

Average import prices decreased monthly and yearly

22 May
Germany’s chemical wood pulp imports increase in December

Import values fell both yearly and monthly

18 May
Brazil’s paper production increases in January

Domestic sales decreased during the month

15 May
France’s paper production drops in January

Overall output of paper and carton decreased yearly

15 May
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