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The new Valmet Fiberline Analyzer enables pulp makers to improve total pulp quality management

The Irish company’s revenues amounted to EUR 2,269 million in the period

The production will increase from the current level of 475,000 cubic meters to more than 600,000 cubic meters

Four warehouses have been leased with an initial capital of AED 10 million in the UAE-based airport

Uruguayan and American entrepreneurs will invest up to USD 20 million in timber plant


06 May 2021

Domtar negotiates the acquisition of Paper Excellence

A huge potential business merge could become a reality in North America

06 May 2021

ANDRITZ will supply key pulp production equipment for Nine Dragons Paper

Austria-based Group ANDRITZ has been awarded 5 orders to supply key process technologies to Chinese

06 May 2021

Clearwater Paper announces first quarter results

U.S-based business dropped 11 percent in net sales year-on-year

06 May 2021

Klabin to invest more than BRL 2 billion in paper factory in Brazil

The Brazilian company will expand business in the packaging segment

06 May 2021

Infoyma Group acquires the production unit of Industrias Monzón

The Spanish group will expand business in Calatayud with EUR 2.5 million investment

06 May 2021

IBS Paper Performance opens new plant in São Paulo, Brazil

The Austrian IBS Paper Performance Group’s new business unit in Sao Paulo received an investment

05 May 2021

Mutares acquires RDM La Rochette

The German company aims to extend business in Europe with the new acquisition

X-Rite announces new inline color management system for the paper industry
The new inline with an automated color management system improves manufacturing output and reduces w
 3 May
Resolute Forest Products denies the final closure of its paper mills
Canadian company has been closed for more than a year, and it affirms it continues to evaluate recov
 3 May
Higher wood prices lead to higher house prices in the U.S.
Wood prices have tripled over the last year causing an effect on house prices
 3 May
Weyerhaeuser Company acquires more than 69,000 acres from Soterra
Seattle-based wood company spent near to USD 149 million on the resources
 3 May
Saudi Paper Manufacturing announces change in its board of directors
Saudi Arabia-based company appointed new chairman and new vice chairman
 3 May
Enviva Partners announces first quarter results
U.S.-base company declared a 15 percent increase in distribution in the period
 5 May
Resolute Forest Products announces first quarter results
Canadian paper company reported a net income of USD 87 million for the period
 4 May
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices weaken in Chile in December

Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile declined both year-on-year and month-on-month

06 May
China’s paper and paperboard production rises in January

Paper and paperboard production continued to grew both yearly and monthly

05 May
Japan’s pulp production declines in January

Production declined year-on-year but increased month-on-month

05 May
Russia’s pulp exports decrease in January

Export volumes decreased both yearly and monthly

29 Apr
Japan’s paper production weakens in February

The output decreased both year-on-year and month-on-month

28 Apr
France’s paper production declines in February

Paper and carton production decreased both MoM and YoY

28 Apr
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