The new broke handling system is to be located in Sappi’s mill in Gratkorn (Austria)
Chaleur owns two sawmill operations in Belledune and Bathurst, New Brunswick
The announcement was made on November 30
The new plan includes new rules to end throwaway coffee cups and condiment packets
The Paraguayan Federation of Loggers (Fepama) recognizes its potential for foreign exchange for the country
The company plans to exceed the highest production rate of the last 10 years
The Indonesian company reached two new export markets
The technology was developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University
According to CW Research, CIF prices for wood pulp in the country rose both year-on-year…
Stora Enso revealed it has received the approval for the acquisition
The new terminal connects Mississippi to global economies
The company has a new series of environmentally friendly colored paper
The terms of the transaction were not disclosed
Although the company celebrates its 10 anniversary in December, cumulative production represents 11 years of…
By the end of 2023, the company will have announced its decision
The goal is aligning with the Forestry Plan of Galicia, Spain
Paper and carton production decreased YoY and increased MoM
Mechanical wood pulp imports increased year-on-year, month-on-month and year-to-date
The new OrganoWood Nowa Wood is a sustainable and natural option
The company’s first R&D an innovation center in Asia is driving sustainable development
The order is part of Valmet’s orders for the third quarter of 2022
The Indonesian company will invest in a plant in Raigad’s Dherand village
The company plans to begin activities by 2024 and is committed to creating about 150…
Heavy rains on November 24 forced the Saudi paper company to stop production
Minsk is negotiating with a Chinese company for alternative pack
Involving over 27 entities, the project expects an annual turnover of EUR 120 million
The company announced a new sales and marketing agreement effective January 1
Katariina Kemppainen has been appointed for the job
The reported wood capacity increased by a third
The partnership aims at the manufacture and market for hemp paper smoking products
The partnership agreement between the two French companies was recently signed in order to support…
There are 111 companies in the country
This segment had the best performance in the September PIM-PF of the Brazilian state
The investment to be made is estimated at BRL 15 billion
The capacity expansion focus on the company’s site in Nules
The company’s latest drones will contribute to reducing its carbon footprint
The candy products will be wrapped in new paper packaging in 2023
The Saudi paper manufacturer is still working to restore the full capacity of the Jeddah…
The entire product range is certified carbon neutral
The Russian timber company launched a premium product
The company developed plastic-free packaging for a food product with an initial capacity estimated at…
The sector has ranked eighth and sixth in the world
The views of 5,000 consumers in multiple countries provide insights on macro trends in eCommerce…
The industrial association reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The investment puts the company among the world’s leading eucalyptus market pulp producers
Data was announced by the Ministry of Industry, stating it ranked eighth in the world’s…
The output decreased year-on-year and month-on-month
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