The shutdown will take place between September 14 and September 20


Metsä Group’s Kemi mill is preparing for the annual maintenance shutdown that will take place between September 14 and September 20.

The production shutdown will begin, department by department, at the board and pulp mills on September 11 for servicing, cleaning and maintenance works. The works will be done by September 18.

According to Tomi Seppä, Mill Manager at Metsä Group’s Kemi mill, the annual maintenance shutdowns are extremely important to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations. "During the first half of the year, we carried out careful advance preparations to avoid the coronavirus and prevent a chain of exposure, and this work will continue systematically throughout the shutdowns as well”, he added.

Seppä explained that the group follows strict hygiene and mask instructions and physical distancing rules, and also requires shutdown workers to fill in a health questionnaire.

Shutdown workers arriving from abroad will also be tested for Covid-19.

“With these extensive precautionary measures, we aim to ensure the safety of our employees and the employees of our partners”, concludes Seppä.

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