While demand for hospital products output has increased, other sectors are ailing
The company’s net sales were shy of an all-time high
The company has renewed and improved integration for its Valmet IQ line
The company is curtailing some of its oriented strand board production, amid other measures
The company has selected Ents Forestry for its Peppermint Estate assets
The company is adjusting its operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic
The company is also reducing capacity at its operations
Rise in prices for sawn timber products offset a drop in raw timber exports
The company has also recently completed long-term debt financing
The company will still be available for services or provisions of replacement parts
The company is adhering to each country’s recommendations and measures in the markets it is…
The company is setting up processes to reduce risk of contagion
The production is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022, but could be…
The company had a record-breaking operating profit and higher than ever turnover
The company’s products are considered essential by the government
The company sold its plantations of Southern Pine in the state
The acquisition also includes International Paper’s paper packaging units
The companies want to ensure supplies for production of key materials
The company is postponing planned maintenance and reducing capital expenditure for 2020
The sales under the contract will begin in 2023
The federal government’s emergency fund bill has been approved
The new packaging targets the food packaging markets and home delivery in particular
The country’s overall output fell in 2019
The government wants to promote investment in species more adapted to the local terrain and…
The building company for the facility is currently on vacation
The company will continue pulp production operations
Paper sales volumes dropped while pulp sales volumes rose during the year
The company’s lumber and plywood operations will be hit the hardest
The company’s activities are considered essential
The value of the order was not disclosed
The move is part of the company’s strategy against the spread of COVID-19
The country has eased certification processes for the wood supply chain
Average values and volumes declined during the month
The group is cautiously optimistic about coming quarters
The facility has seen demand surge due to COVID-10 outbreak
Most of the company’s pulp is directed towards the growing tissue market
WWF rated the company’s performance above average when compared with the rest of the industry
The affected facilities are located in Canada and are part of the company’s preventive campaign…
The plant’s output is considered essential under the Canadian government’s guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic
The company will begin trials in May and do the full switch in 2021
The company’s profits eased during the year
The government is working with key industry players in the new program
The company performed an audit to decide the best solutions for the plant
The value of the order was not disclosed
The move follows its acquisition of Nelson Forests, which has now been rebranded
Area for new nature conservation agreements reached a new record low during the year
The country’s overall production of paper declined in 2019
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