Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month increase in October 2018.
The reconversion will not be subject to environmental assessments
The company invested in new equipment at its Louisiana facility
The company’s net profit declined year-on-year
The company’s net sales expanded mildly
The official said it is willing to change policies
The company is developing a new program in 2019-2020
The company will be expanding the facilities
The company has been expanding across the Charlotte area
The new facility will be producing recyclable coffee cups
Valmet will be supplying upgrades for its equipment
The purchase should be completed in mid-2019
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile recorded a month-on-month improvement in August 2018.
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month increase in September 2018.
The transaction should close in the second quarter of the current year
The company will be offering a premium for over-30-year-old trees
The company has benefited from higher product prices
The company’s EBITDA expanded during the year
The company is expanding its client base across the continent
The company’s revenues fell year-on-year
Several hectares of plantation forest were affected by the fire
The company’s consolidated net sales rose year-on-year
The equipment was installed in September 2018
The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2019
Challenging market conditions are forcing some companies to scale back production
The product has been tested and certified for food safety in a few major markets
The project comprises all operational processes, from raw materials to shipping
The company will operate as a subsidiary of TP’s parent company
The government wants to improve operations in the country
The stakeholders said that the EU is refraining from concrete recommendations after 2020
The facility offers a new range of products for several market segments
The facility has already been inaugurated
The company is aiming to open more facilities to produce this material
The company is maintaining its outlook for the full year
The company’s shipments improved after China imposed tariffs on US products
The company wants to extend the life of its current facility by one year
The global demand for logs is expected to decline in 2019
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Portugal recorded a month-on-month decrease in October 2018.
The Austrian competition authority has approved the purchase
The acquisition is set to close in February
The equipment was installed in an Italian facility
The company achieved record earnings during the year
The companies are cross-auditing their facilities
The company’s earnings grew year-on-year
The association has also announced new board members
The company will be enforcing construction and repair measures at the facility
The companies intend to optimize processes and planning in industrial production environments
The equipment will be supplied to Berli Jucker Cellox
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