The company has revised most topics upwards
The negative effects of currency evaluation are reaching the domestic paper industry
The researchers were awarded by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation for their innovation
The expansion is set to be done by March 2020
The company is building a new biomass cogeneration plant
Uncertainty in the pulp market has led to issues for the company
The company wants to double production capacity by 2020
The project is set to continue until early 2020
Pulp production in Japan increased 18.1% month-on-month in August, reaching 761,171 tons.
Some are suggesting that logistics could be seeing a shift to more sustainable options
The company has acquired a new machine from Pesmel
This is the fourth year in a row that the company has been awarded
The company had already delivered equipment to the Indian mill
The companies formed a new joint venture combining their businesses
The companies will be setting up a new joint venture in Indonesia
The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed
Paper and carton production in France decreased to 620,700 tons in August, having fallen 8.1…
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month increase in August 2018.
The companies have reached an agreement
The government wants to increase commercial crop area
The company has already signed an investment agreement with the government
The order was included in the fourth quarter orders of 2018
The Director will serve for a second one-year term
The new owner has appointed a new president
Overall growth is expected at a positive pace despite headwinds
The mill was built and operated by EcoEnergy
The bank is warning about a possible decline in prices
The company expects the change to impact cash flow and EBITDA margin
The country had several fires during the summer
The investment aims to support the forest economy in the region
The company is set to open a new facility in Michigan
The company expects wood prices in the country to decline
Almost 90% of production is meant for the domestic market
The energy-saving design of the drying section relies entirely on steam
The previous CEO will remain on the company as a director
The company is restructuring to improve profitability and sustainable competitiveness
The number of companies in Dubai has been steadily expanding
The previous CEO will still be part of the company
The company has already enlisted partners for the initiative
The system will be commissioned at the start of January 2019
The country will have to develop a new system to certify timber products
The equipment was manufactured at the company’s Chinese facility
The new machine will enhance shipping activities
The company has closed the transactions with three different companies
The contract concerns power supply to the company’s mills for eight years
The company is facing higher raw material costs
The two companies have reached an agreement
This means that the subsidiary now has a subsidiary of its own
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