Imports of chemical wood pulp also increased
The company partnered with Aisa to manufacture the new product
Construction of the facility is expected to take place in early 2020
The transaction is expected to be complete before March 2020
The company says it is still working on prototypes
The professor recommended the use of waste rock from phosphate mining to produce paper
Consumption is expected to continue increasing
The company aims to use its profits to plant more trees each year
The companies in the area are trying to keep afloat
The government of Quebec has provided a loan to the company to avoid the shutdown
Containerboard markets showed signs of stabilizing during the quarter
The new product uses cardboard and film
The company uses construction waste as a raw material
Domestic sales also contracted year-on-year
Average prices slipped compared to the same period the previous year
The company  is focusing on modernization
The company’s paper segment defied the regional trend
Several woodchip shipments to China were cancelled
The partnership is focused on the sustainable success of printed media
The new machine is expected to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2020
Pulp production could be halted
The site was acquired from the Lewis County Industrial Development Agency
The company is permanently shutting down the Kitee sawmill
The pilot program was launched in the borough of Pottstown
One of the awards was achieved for the fifth consecutive year
The new equipment reduces emissions and fire risk in paper production
The agreement was reached with the majority shareholders
Exports of wood products from the state accounted for a significant part of total exports
The pulp mill is expected to open by 2022
The company wants to acquire the remaining shares of Eldorado
A new member will replace Ms. Eva Cheng
The state accounted for a significant amount of the paper receipt market
The company has decided to shut down the machines due to declining demand
The move is set to boost the timber industry
Yet, chemical wood pulp imports declined
Import values and volumes contracted sharply
Exports rose year-on-year but fell month-on-month
The countries managed to surpass many of their set goals ahead of the 2020 date
The company has decided to not go ahead with its initial plan
The company will be handling operations at the Kemi pulp mill in Finland
The country has set an ambitious target for the next 20 years
The company will be selling the Australian mill in order to offset its losses
The company may be forced to shutdown the facility if the project is not approved
Producers based in Canada saw their costs increase in the quarter
Several companies are concerned about the newly proposed regulation
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