Production volumes have also been steadily increasing
The company has designed a collection specifically for the retail industry
The company said the deal will “kill” the local fiber supply chain
The new agreement affirms the company’s adherence to the people’s values
The company wants to meet the increase in demand for these products
The shipment has signaled a resumption of activity in the country’s wood industry
Average import prices decreased monthly and yearly
Production declined both yearly and monthly
The trade war between the US and China impacted the industry
The new plant manager is the first woman to assume this position with the global…
The assets should close by the end of the third quarter of 2020
Demand for lumber for construction has also declined
The facility had to temporally shut down due to a fire on-site
The South Korean company will produce laminated flooring and medium-density fiberboard
The sector is held as a possible path for economic recovery
The company expects demand in Europe and the US to decline the most
Adjusted earnings surged from the first quarter of 2019
Delivery is planned for November 2020, while start-up is expected at the end of 2022
Year-to-date production remained mostly unchanged
Production had been idled since mid-March
The coronavirus pandemic affected the collection rates
The new packaging will be commercialized in France by mid-May
The company’s new products will assist in promoting circularity in the industry
IRUM is now the official retailer since April 2020
Start-up is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021
The new products and services were developed with the customer in mind
Profit decreased as well during this period
Financial income remained mostly unchanged from the first quarter of 2019
The company is expecting demand for paper to decrease in second quarter
The containerboard operating rate was also higher during this period
The company will now be investing in road infrastructure and electrical infrastructure
The plant’s corrugated packaging output fell from the comparable period of 2019
The revised agreement is yet to be submitted to environmental permissions
The company’s paper mill in Quebec became the first in two decades to accept sorted…
The company’s lumber business remained largely debt-free
The deal is still pending the required environmental permitting
The equipment will be delivered and commissioned in the last quarter of 2020
The company will reduce operations at several facilities
The sector is highly dependent on exports
The company has cut down the usage of plastic packaging across its supply chain
Industry players are keeping up with the government requirements regarding COVID-19 measures
Import values fell both yearly and monthly
Overall output of paper and carton decreased yearly
Domestic sales decreased during the month
The company’s order intake decreased as well
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