Operating rate during the month was very high
The equipment will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2020
The plant will produce paper straws for a fast food giant
The current levy on the commodity will increase again
The product is being launched in UK stores with Italian-inspired ready-meals
The company aims to focus on its tissue business
The study concluded that the company could produce these types of fuels
The mill has a positive impact in the surrounding area
Paper manufacturers could benefit from crafting alternatives to these products
Production of pulp decreased year on year.
Production of paper rose year on year.
The operating rate declined when compared to March
The company is scaling back its operations in British Columbia, Canada
Investors are now focusing on manufacturing facilities in the US capable of handling wastepaper
Profit after tax also expanded year-on-year
The new plant will be located in the state of Pennsylvania
The company is looking for funds to expand overseas
The company assures that their packaging preserves the content better than plastic
Imports of US mechanical wood pulp from Canada improved year on year
The company continues to face weak pricing challenges for its products
Production for export declined both year-on-year and year-to-date
Commissioning of the equipment was scheduled for May 2021
The companies want to optimize the recovery and upcycling of flexible packaging after-use
CO2 emissions were slashed by 30 percent
The company conducted a study comparing the environmental impact of recycled and non-recycled paper
The new textures are part of the company’s Ultracast release paper line
The company’s net profit plunged year-on-year
The company said that it is not economically viable to move its facility
The complex will also include converting lines, apart from the most recent tissue machine equipment
Delkeskamp is replacing some equipment as it has become obsolete
The new equipment is expected to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2021
Revenues expanded year-on-year
The delivery will take place in two phases until the end of 2019
The company said that the machine paid for itself in less than a year
Three young researchers were the recipients of the prizes
Suppliers are looking for alternative markets
The company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to launch a tree planting campaign…
The new equipment has already been placed in the market
The operations will focus on production of tissue and packaging products
Students are being taught how to make bags from materials such as paper, cotton, and…
The company is also using agricultural byproducts for this product
The company has received an award from the US Forest Service
Imports of chemical wood pulp increased year on year
Exports of chemical wood pulp increased year on year
Imports of US chemical wood pulp from Canada rose year on year
Forest products accounted for large part of total cargo througput
Recycled paper, cardboard, and sawdust are among the used materials
The research will be conducted at a lab in the University of Maine
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