The estate includes four forest in several regions of the country
The company began the program in 2013
The setup of the facility is expected to take about six months
The product has been tested in select markets
The previous CFO is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities
The company’s sales remained in line with 2017 results
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a month-on-month expansion in October 2018.
The company will be shutting down a packaging line at the mill
The sector’s turnover improved year-on-year
The construction of the facility will take about 30 months
The company says the machine will provide clients with cost savings
The company continued to expand its operations during the year
The main supplier to the country has been trying to ensure a healthy stockpile
The country is now dealing with added challenges
The factory will use its waste to produce paper
The court is studying two offers and a decision is expected soon
The delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019
The commissioning and start-up services were completed as scheduled
Pulp output slipped year on year.      
Year on year, US imports of mechanical wood pulp from Canada decreased in October 2018.
The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019
The company has signed a new memorandum of understanding
Output of the material declined yearly
The company is commissioning new equipment as well
The government is partnering with an industry consortium
The country’s paper industry is concerned
The company is also considering to close a paper machine at the mill
The new initiative aims to develop forestry skills among the communities
The value of the order was not disclosed
The company was the first in South America to do so
A new President and COO will be in charge of the segment
Output declined year-on-year and year-to-date
The Asian country is increasing imports of raw materials
The companies are facing rises in raw material costs
The company will be building a new energy plant in the UK
The raw material costs have been expanding
The region accounted for a large portion of the industry’s production during the year
The company’s revenue grew year-on-year
Paper and carton output slipped compared to the previous month.
Paper and paperboard output rose MoM, yet slipped YoY.
The company already owns the majority shares of the asset
The company has been having issues due to lack of supplies
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