Throughput in January-September fell when compared with 2018
Production fell monthly and yearly, but year-to-date output rose from 2018
The company is launching new projects in Mozambique
The new production facilities will promote research of several products
The company leased the motors for its Três Barras unit in Brazil
The material decomposes faster and is waterproof
The fund supports forestry companies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sales and net profit fell year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter
The agency was recently created by the government
From January to August 2019, production of paper products and pulp recorded mixed trends across…
From January to August 2019, production of paper products and pulp recorded mixed trends across…
The cargo is heading to the Chinese port of Qingdao
Sales have increased year-on-year and month-on-month
The transaction is expected to close by the end of the year
Total inventories declined month-on-month
Domestic and export log prices fell year-on-year in the September quarter
The company is unsure of a restart any time soon
The company’s new bags are water soluble and non-toxic to marine life
The company will be supplying nine cranes to the new mill
The new product will be available in select location in Quebec
The company’s products are used in packaging
The company has listened to customer feedback and is launching a sturdier straw
The phase out is expected to be completed by January 2025
The company is also setting up a new facility in the province
Average import prices dropped yearly but improved monthly
The financial details of the deal were not disclosed
The company’s sales fell year-on-year
The auction will include the mill and its assets, including equipment
The bags will be provided by Bulldog Bag and will contain a minimum of 40…
The company is the first to operate two of EFI’s equipment at the same facility
In the region of Sabah, the industry is already using IR4.0 processes
The packaging and specialties segment saw higher profits in the quarter
Average prices declined year-on-year and month-on-month
Pulp sales and production rose year-on-year
The plant will go into test production once commissioning is completed
The company will be investing more in the mill to double production
The company commissioned the equipment for Japan’s Rengo
The government is awarding grants for several projects
The company has also launched a new platform to improve packaging recyclability
Import values slipped from June 2018
The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2020
The acquisition is still subject to the approval of German authorities
The new paper-based sensor is being developed to have other
The company’s sales fell year-on-year as well
The new solution is free from foil, laminates, aluminum and fluorocarbons
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