Total production of paper and board recorded a slight decrease
Inventory levels declined from 2017 to 2018
The acquisition has been completed
Production for export fell year-on-year in 2018
The previous CEO will be turning to new challenges
Log prices reached a new record in the third quarter of the year
The government wants to improve harvest performance
Prices for traded lumber expanded greatly in 2017-2018
Output of paper and paperboard slipped both MoM and YoY
The Scottish government is still considering the assembly of a taskforce
The forestry agency will be investing millions in the program
The Association has already begun a search for a successor
The full transfer project is set to close in July 2019
The government has also repealed any import tariffs on paper
The new prices will be effective from March 1 2019
The paper could be used for the development of labels and packaging
Sales of the commodity fell MoM and YoY
The company produces paper packacing for food
The company’s revenue expanded in 2018
The company had previously announced a restructuring
The new Center of Excellence will focus on research
The company wants to set up a new biomass boiler
The company has also approved new board members
The end product can be used as fuel for transport or to produce steam for…
Pulp exports increased YoY in September in Russia.
The newly-acquired asset is based in France
The delivery is expected for the fourth quarter of the year
Voith is also testing a new virtual sensor to predict contamination areas
The start-up of the equipment is scheduled for 4Q2019
Values and volumes have declined sharply
Both domestic and global demand are set to grow during the year
The industry is worried about competition and imports
The enterprise will process up to 3.5 million cubic meters of wood
The company will be closing production in some of its facilities
The new equipment will allow the company to produce boxes with multicolor printing
The mill was acquired and renewed by JK Paper
The companies have shifted their focus to packaging and pulp
The companies expect to double turnover as well by 2035
The company will have a minority stake on the new company
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month decrease in September 2018.
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Portugal recorded a month-on-month decrease in September 2018.
The company has also appointed its Vice Chairman
The company has revamped the equipment
The equipment was installed and commissioned on schedule
The companies are working together in France, Spain and Portugal
The acquisition excludes Thiolat’s Romanian activities in 2019
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