The investment in the new facility will amount to USD 285 million
The company aims to develop new products and expand the business overseas
The investment made by Metsä Fibre will amount to EUR 1.5 billion
Alenka Korenjak, from Slovenia, will be the new EFI Board member
Forest products account for 29.9 percent of the export value of the country's agricultural sector
After treatment, pulp materials will be legally considered a product ready to be reused as…
Average import prices decreased yearly, but slightly improved month-on-month
Average exports values, however, fell both yearly and monthly
As part of this plan, the company will soon complete the modernisation of its board…
Alice G. Givens was appointed for the position, effective from September 21
The share of timber deliveries also grew in the period
The new machine is expected to have annual production capacity of 65,000 tons
The production value in the January-July period reduced by 12.6 percent year-on-year
The company recorded a net loss of EGP 124.6 million from July 2019 to June…
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded reduction both monthly and yearly
In its turn, the production of containerboard for export decreased
Both organisations also aim to promote the use of wood towards the European Union institutions
The new product is composed of hemp fiber and waste recycled fiber
Ana Fernandes previously served as Operations General Manager at Amazon France
Called PaPiPress, it can be freely three-dimensionally molded like plastic
The paper industry is experiencing a shortage of raw materials
The Apple Watch Series 6 came to market without a strap
Shipments were also up year-on-year in the first eight months of the year
The felling decline is due to a decline in the production of sawn wood products…
Assets include the sawmill, related equipment and lands of approximately 114 acres
According to the company, a certified chain of custody guarantees the sustainability of its processes…
The sap accounts for 1 to 2 percent of the cost of the pulp production…
Both products eliminate the need for varnish and are compatible with all ink types
Since the beginning of the year throughout September, the production index lowered
The country's total purchases of printing-writing papers have also decreased
The mill has been converted from clay-coated recycled paperboard to high strength uncoated recycled paperboard…
De Pere Cabinet manufactures modular and semi-custom framed cabinetry for diverse uses in single-family residences
Tony Mollica was chosen for the role
Andrea Rolim will lead the Kimberly-Clark's Brazilian operation
The upgrade was an investment of CNY 40 million
The company will invest CNY 687 million in the project
Valter Canelli will run the company's sales division
In its turn, production of containerboard for export reduced year-on-year in the month
The investment includes a pulp fiber preparation project and a high-performance paper-based new materials project
The new printing paper is likely to be used in the restaurant menus and as…
Another six more plants are expected to be established in the country in the future
The fully recyclable packaging is suitable for cold cuts and cheese
Volumes registered in pulp transport throughout the year are a historic record for the company
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany increased both monthly and yearly in April 2020
Average export prices, however, dropped both monthly and yearly
The South African mill has been out of electrical power for almost a month
After that, the company's annual newsprint capacity will decrease by 26 percent
The products are certified as compatible with all HP Indigo Digital Offset Color presses
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