The Russian plywood manufacturer has an annual production of 1,260,000 m3
The company is looking at opportunities in e-commerce
The company will invest a significant amount in the existing plant
The government is working with local communities to improve forest conditions
The company is employing Greycon to update their operations at the mills
The company will commission more equipment until the end of the year
The company acquired the facility from Nippon Paper
The company was awarded contracts to improve operations at two facilities
The order is the second largest in the company’s record
The plan aims to attract more investors to the sector
The company is developing a greenfield site
The government has interfered with the company’s assets
The company has expanded the operations of one of its service centers
The company is developing several new projects and equipment
The company will be bringing in new equipment to the facility
The company will continue to operate the second production line at the plant
The new equipment had been operational for several years
The companies have jointly set up a digital platform for wood construction professionals
The company focuses on recycling paper materials
The industry is seeking help from the government toward several projects
The country wants help with negotiations with the EU
The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed
The company has achieved a high level of engagement with UN Global Impact
Several production locations in North Carolina were impacted
The company alleges that rising pulp prices played a role in the cancelled deal
The companies have already reached an agreement
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile recorded a month-on-month increase in May 2018.
The new facility is located in Morelia
Some newspapers have stopped circulating as they are unable to acquire paper
The government wants to help revive the domestic paper industry
The company had previously invested in the country
The new equipment will aid the company to fulfill its objectives
The company will use the available inventory to fulfill its contracts
The company has been able to expand order volumes throughout its insolvency process
Production is expected to begin in the first half of 2020
Imports of chemical wood pulp to France have recorded a month-on-month decrease in June 2018.
The two parties have reached an agreement
The company’s operations were disrupted by Hurricane Florence
The order was included in the company’s first and second quarter received orders
New study alerts to misconceptions against the industry
The company will deliver and operate the facility at pre-agreed fees
The company meets the criteria to join the program
The company partnered with Shikoku Kakoki to develop the new material
The company has enforced many sustainable projects to obtain the certification
During the first seven months of 2018, pulp production posted a 4.4% year-to-date decrease.
The company will be creating a new plant in the country
The new prices will be effective starting October
The company will be upgrading the existing plant and expand capacity
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