Year-to-date production decreased slightly
The company completed the purchase on May 31
The company hopes to consolidate its business in the Iberian packaging sector
The packaging now contains FSC-certified paper
The equipment will help Fortum reduce carbon emissions
The company is offering renewable and fully recyclable cartons
The company was able to integrate components from different manufacturers
The company’s pulp sales surged during this period
The new product can be used for a variety of commercial web offset printing applications
The companies extended the supply agreement for pulp, steam and electricity to the mill
The facility will be closed permanently by July 31
The company has also made some changes to its management team
Average import prices contracted both monthly and yearly
Output contracted both monthly and yearly
The product is used for single and multi-layer packaging solutions
Sales of lumber sales in North America declined sharply during the year
The government has canceled forestry contracts with local companies
The company has developed a type of kraftliner for the packaging producers
The company has been granted patents for this technique
The new equipment is designed to arrange, collate and bag and extensive size range
The paper towels are biodegradable and can be individually flushed after use
The building will be used for research purposes
The company’s sales also fell in the first quarter of 2020
The park is located next to the group’s Osula Graanul factory
The closure will be finalized by July 31
The company’s product has extra protection against oxygen transition from the outside
The machine has been in full operating mode for a few months
The tool is expected to assist companies in their sustainability efforts
The production lines will produce melt blown nonwoven fabric and surgical masks
Cellulose sales accounted for the largest export sales segment
The process will assist with logistics and overall operations
Construction activity in the country has mostly ceased
The company also announced the voting results for its Board of Directors
The effective date of the appointment is yet to be announced
All of its sawmills resume normal production rates
After the testing, the company has decided to purchase another of these
The new certification is valued for printing high-value applications on commercial digital presses
The port has received approval from federal authorities in April
Demand for several products in the sector have decreased
The company and ECF Farmsystems, its partner, hope this practice can spread across Germany
The closure will take effect in the third quarter of 2020
The president of Mercer International warned about possible toilet paper shortages
The company was the first in Eastern Europe to join the Chinese body
The appointments were made in the Kaskinen and Iisalmi mills
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