Specialty lumber demand has nonetheless remained strong
The company’s earnings surged year-on-year
The new facility will be located in the state of Gujarat
The two requested machines will be operational in the second half of 2019
The acquisition includes a plant in the Barcelona region
The delivery is expected to take place in December 2018
Värö’s pulps have been certified by an international allergy label
The Association’s President has released a statement regarding the updated policy
The two companies have entered an agreement regarding the purchase
The company says that the segment is at a state of overcapacity
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month expansion in June 2018.
The company’s aggregated sales rose year-on-year
The company’s sales of cellulose rose during the third quarter
The industry is facing a shortage of pulp
The company is closing production at the North Carolina facility
The company’s results were overall positive on a year-on-year basis
Despite several challenges during the year, the market gets closer to its goal
The technology is related to paper applications
The company was affected by market headwinds
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month decrease in July 2018.
The companies will enter a long-term agreement regarding assets in Ecuador
The machine was restarted on schedule
The company’s net debt fell quarter-on-quarter
The facility will also produce krafliner paper
The equipment will be taken into production in 2019
Smurfit Kappa had ceased production at the plant in September
The new technology can be used across multiple sectors
The solutions will be focused on flexible packaging
EBITDA and operating income contracted year-on-year
The terms of the transaction were not disclosed
The company has acquired several assets related to the business
The new prices will be effective starting January 2019
The new prices will be effective starting 2019
The project is set to be complete in 2021
The Brazilian authorities have given their final approval for financial assets
The closing of the production is set to happen by the end of the year
The company’s corrugated packaging segment had a good performance during the year
Pulp production in the country also recorded an improvement
The company financed the transaction through the issuance of debt
The company’s margins have improved
Companies are expecting the boost in the economy to drive demand
The closure should be complete by the end of the year
The company is focused on the current inefficiencies in biomass processing
Shipments of lumber rose year-on-year and month-on-month
EBITDA declined year-on-year despite the increase in sales
The company’s sales expanded year-on-year
The company’s revenues improved year-on-year
The company’s sales have been rising for seven consecutive quarters
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