Average import prices increased from June 2018
The equipment was devised for use with eucalyptus pulp, recycled fiber and chemical pulps
The appointee has been at the company for 20 years
The company annually collects nearly 3 million tons of materials in the US
Award winners must focus on high-quality reforestation activities and  tending of leased timberlands
The company also started up a new bio boiler plant
The Brazilian domestic market is experiencing a downward trend
Volumes and values showed mixed trends when compared with the previous year
The appointee has extensive experience in managerial positions at the Voith Group
The second line is scheduled for start-up in 2020 at Ono Paper’s mill
The company is improving the mill's efficiency and capacity
Spruce bark beetle infestations are plaguing southern Sweden
Developed by Stora Enso, the technology can reduce carbon footprint up to 60%
The company's Better Planet Packaging initiative seeks to reduce packaging waste
Low pulp demand in China and Europe is proving detrimental
The company is awaiting the bidding of future pulp terminals
The leader visited Uruguay and assessed the Montes del Plata mill performance so far
The company seeks to improve efficiency and cash flow
The center specializes in the home and personal care market, but services are open to…
The product was devised for labeling applications in the food, logistics and retail sectors
New timber exploration and export laws have been implemented in the country
The innovative method does not require felling
The company is using a USD 1 million federal grant for the feasibility study
New evidence suggests the UK could almost triple its use of bioenergy as a heat…
The Canadian industry is struggling with multiple mill closures
The company has developed a digital solution to increase recycling rates of single-use packaging
Södra is adjusting the price of spruce logs and pulpwood
Despite a yearly increase, output fell month on month
Average prices declined both yearly and monthly
Average prices fell year-on-year and month-on-month
The region's fruit-growing centers will absorb much of the production
The company expects to stabilize pulp production and avoid equipment overload
Top destinations for Vietnamese forestry products include the US, the EU, and China
The managing director remains cautious about rising production costs
The product is made of 100% renewable corrugated board
The low price level in the Asian pulp market impacted operations
The system can automatically predict quality values and adjust process parameters in real time
Once part of the Communication department, Sustainability becomes a separate function
The equipment boosts the fabrication of packaging papers at high production rates
The appointee will be based in Helsinki, reporting to Tapio Korpeinen, CFO
The packaging paper giant will gain access to a global network of startups, corporations and…
Reverse publishing shows print remains important for traditional consumers
54% of consumers say they are always looking for environmental logos on the products they…
The pioneering single-serve cartons are made from renewable raw material wood
The company ranks first in the pulp and paper segment
The system will be delivered during the last quarter of 2019
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