The government wants to promote investment in species more adapted to the local terrain and…
The building company for the facility is currently on vacation
The company will continue pulp production operations
Paper sales volumes dropped while pulp sales volumes rose during the year
The company’s lumber and plywood operations will be hit the hardest
The company’s activities are considered essential
The value of the order was not disclosed
The move is part of the company’s strategy against the spread of COVID-19
The country has eased certification processes for the wood supply chain
Average values and volumes declined during the month
The group is cautiously optimistic about coming quarters
The facility has seen demand surge due to COVID-10 outbreak
Most of the company’s pulp is directed towards the growing tissue market
WWF rated the company’s performance above average when compared with the rest of the industry
The affected facilities are located in Canada and are part of the company’s preventive campaign…
The plant’s output is considered essential under the Canadian government’s guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic
The company will begin trials in May and do the full switch in 2021
The company’s profits eased during the year
The government is working with key industry players in the new program
The company performed an audit to decide the best solutions for the plant
The value of the order was not disclosed
The move follows its acquisition of Nelson Forests, which has now been rebranded
Area for new nature conservation agreements reached a new record low during the year
The country’s overall production of paper declined in 2019
The company is a strong regional player in Germany
The new wipes were found to be effective against several types of virus and bacteria
Consumers are stockpiling essentials in preparation for quarantine due to Covid-19 outbreak
The company has also expanded its share repurchase program
Industry leaders expect demand for timber to increase over the long term
The company is one of the few that produces specialized pulp for surgical mask production
The role will focus on the direction of the company’s new Vision 2030 program
The company will be suspending or reducing production across its facilities
The new prices will be set in place on April 20
The new appointment will begin on March 9
The companies want to optimize software integration between equipment from different manufacturers
Average export prices dropped yearly but increased monthly
The company has slowly reduced operations in order to minimize the impact in the local…
The industry is being highly impacted by this as exports are only a small part…
Inventories improved when compared with the previous month
The first changes will be implemented to the company’s facilities in Turkey and Romania
The company will be upgrading the mill’s dry end drive system
The changes will be improving the quality of paper and service from the newsprint mill
The mill is scaling back purchases of wood as well
Year-to-date export values contracted sharply
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