More than half of the paper produced was made from recycled raw materials
The company aims to improve recyclability factor for its products
Net sales and operating profit fell during the quarter
Research into the practice shows it has less impact than initially predicted
The new brand develops products from sugar cane pulp
Values and volumes alike declined from March 2018
Equipment is still yet to be installed at the new unit
The company aims to reduce water use during the manufacturing process
The heads of Suyana are considering importing machine for manufacture
The company will be focusing on production from recycled paper
The company has achieved some major milestones during the year
The official has threatened to paralyze the assembly if the issue remains unresolved
The products will be available from October this year
Both volumes and values showed a yearly decline
Volumes and values of imports rose during the month
The start-up of the equipment is expected in the second half of 2020
The company will be distributing the Nautilus range in Spain
New additions and investments are still being planned
The researchers have tested several different mixtures based on cellulose
The scientists have developed a new packaging method with this material
The transaction should be complete in the second half of the year
Stakeholders call for more waste recycling plants in the country
Costs of thinning also rose from the previous year
The company was selected to be part of the FTSE4Good Index Series and the FTSE…
The new hire will join the company at the end of July
The company has secured a key supply contract in the restaurant business
In partnership with the University of Uppsala, the company confirmed the product’s commercial viability
Output of pulp fell both year-on-year and month-on-month
The industry was heavily hit by the trade war between the US and China
The company has been able to reach half of its goal in January-June
The country’s paper and packaging production is expected to grow this year
The companies have developed a new product together
The mills have enjoyed a combined spend of over EUR 1.4 billion on expansion and…
The order is part of a larger modernization project
The Association’s president stated that the current US administration has been improving regulations
The industry observes this could lead to an increase in cover prices and ad rates
The company was consolidated in the beginning of July
The program is to be extended to other Central American countries
The forest department of Delhi will be planting the forests
Wood product sequestration could rise by 100 million tons by 2030
Prices for wood chips had been in decline due to lower demand
The paper was specifically developed for water-based inkjet printing
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