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Sep 2020
A&J Scott to expand its range of wood-based vegetable storage boxes

The company has opened a new dedicated manufacturing site  ...


Aug 2020
Klabin seeks startup to carry out its solid waste disposal

The company deals with waste generated from its cellulose manufacturing process  ...


Aug 2020
Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company increases profit in 2Q 2020

The strong profit resulted from an increase in the company's sales


Jul 2020
Ilim begins operations at new facility

The new plant will lead to reduced losses in production and improved quality


Jul 2020
United Paper Factories plans an overhaul of its paper machines

The overhaul and reconstruction of the company’s paper machines will take place in the second half of 2020


Jul 2020
Los Angeles Manufacturing Facility Brent-Wood Products Announces Expansion with a Second Location

The company has bought a 17-acre lot in Hesperia, California as second production site


Jul 2020
Manufacturing Spotlight - The Laidig X-Traktor Model 1533

The new, fully automated Laidig X-Traktor model is designed to excel with hard-to-handle materials


Jun 2020
Pasaban supplies new automated cardboard sheeter to Finnish plant

The equipment will increase sheeting capacity for high-quality paper and cardboard


Jun 2020
Nigerian government investigates privatization of paper mills

The expected returns from turning the industry over to private investors have failed to materialize


Jun 2020
Saudi Paper Manufacturing’s profits collapse in first quarter

The company benefitted from lower pulp prices and a decrease in general and administration expenses

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