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Jan 2021
Paper Mill Spartak opens new waste paper recycling enterprise

Equipment of the pulverization and pretreatment departments have been upgraded, as well as a second line of the papermaking machine


Jan 2021
Veolia increases wood recycling capacity in the United Kingdom

The company will add 50,000 metric tons per year of waste wood processing each year  ...


Jan 2021
NACIFI transforms agriculture residues into pulp for the packaging industry

The company developed a process called EcoPulping, which requires less energy and less water and uses waste as raw material  ...


Jan 2021
Paper manufacturers in China to increase prices

The price of international waste paper per ton increased by about 20 percent after the pandemic  ...


Jan 2021
WinGo Deposit develops machine that accept damaged packaging for recycling

The company developed the world's first deposit machine that uses artificial intelligence, machine vision, and neural network technologies to recognize and sort all types of packaging


Dec 2020
Waste paper prices on rise as demand revives in India

The growth on waste paper prices is forcing paper mills to hike finished product prices to the pre-Covid levels  ...


Dec 2020
Epson launches new dry fiber paper recycling system

The system provides fiber separation of waste paper, removes the ink and toner on the original document and regenerates new paper  ...


Dec 2020
Canada's REN Energy International to produce natural gas from wood waste

REN will produce the natural gas from wood waste or biomass waste such as sawdust, wood chips, shavings, and construction wood waste  ...


Nov 2020
Prices of waste newspaper in China increased last week

Meanwhile, domestic waste paper prices remained stable  ...


Nov 2020
Australian food company launches paper bread bag sealing clip

Tip Top aims to reduce 400 million pieces of plastic sealing clip garbage in the next two years


Nov 2020
Södra increases the amount of recycled textiles in its OnceMore dissolving pulp

The pulp, which combines wood cellulose with textile waste to produce fabric for new garments, has now 20 percent of recycled content  ...


Nov 2020
Rongcheng wins sustainability awards

The firm has invested in Taiwan CNY 7 billion to move towards a greener packaging business


Nov 2020
Amcor increase the use of recycled products and reduces waste disposal in 2020

The company disclosed in its 2020 Sustainability Report the progress in the efforts to enhance sustainability and reduce plastic waste  ...


Nov 2020
Belarus paper mills implement upgrade projects to increase paper recycling

The Paper Mill Spartak and the Slonim Cardboard and Paper Plant Albertin are ramping up its capacity to recycle waste paper  ...


Nov 2020
Kazakhstan puts waste paper ban into effect again

The ban was briefly suspended from July 2020


Nov 2020
Taiwan's large paper mills to replace fossil fuels with waste in energy generation

The first non-coal SRF plant in Taiwan is expected to start operations at the end of the year


Nov 2020
Andritz opens a new test and research center for the recycling industry in Austria

The activities are developed in close collaboration with the University of Leoben


Oct 2020
Chinese banks are enthusiastic about the paper industry loans

A new joint loan for Zhenglong Paper is scheduled to be signed in December

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