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Leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique CW Group has successfully concluded an advisory project that included an evaluation of market potential for a niche military munitions product for a defense sector company.

The study looked at the end-of-life opportunities for the armament component and expected sales potential in emerging markets in face of newer models.

“For this project, CW Group’s Advisory board drew on its extensive experience in market analysis and meticulous methodology to provide the client with a comprehensive study of a niche military segment within emerging markets. The devised strategy included not only a historical overview of trends, but equipped the client with detailed and actionable tools through an assessment of future opportunities based on CW Advisory’s broad-ranging know-how and overarching network,” underlined Robert Madeira, Managing Director and Head of Research at CW Group.


About CW Advisory

The Greenwich (Conn.), USA-headquartered CW Group is a leading advisory, research and business intelligence boutique with a global presence and a multi-industry orientation. CW Group is particularly recognized for its sector expertise in heavy-side building materials (cement), light-side building materials, traditional and renewable power & energy, petrochemicals, metals & mining, industrial minerals, industrial manufacturing, bulk cargo & shipping, among others. We have a strong functional capability, grounded in our methodical and quantitative philosophy, including due diligence, sourcing intelligence, feasibility studies and commodity forecasting.

As a highly specialized management consulting and M&A advisory branch, CW Advisory draws on decades of experience from leading management consulting firms, investment banks and industry companies to provide the highest caliber strategy development, M&A/transaction advisory, capability enhancement services for multiple industries and client segments.

For more information, placing an order, or inquiries, please contact Mihnea Manea, Media and Market Services Executive, CW Group, by phone at +40 723 281 704, or e-mail at [email protected].

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