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According to CW Research’s recently published World Cement Equipment Market and Forecast Report, the market for cement manufacturing related equipment and services is projected to reach USD 9.0 billion by 2022.

However, as greenfield cement plant projects remain scarce, upgrades to existing cement plants will become relatively more important; equipment relating to upgrades (i.e., excluding service-related spend) will move from representing a quarter of the total cement manufacturing equipment capital spend in 2017 to over 40% by 2022.

Consequently, notably what CW Research defines as “functional” equipment (i.e., conveying, automation, filtering, environmental control, etc.) will be a central growth driver of cement plant-related equipment sales over the next five years. Informed by extensive primary research conducted with both suppliers and end users across the cement equipment value chain, the CW Research study emphasizes that behind the growth remains an ever-expanding focus on automation, control, environmental, and testing throughout the production processes to deliver higher efficiency and performance.

Robert Madeira, CW Group Managing Director and Head of Research, notes: “decision making for cement manufacturers is becoming more and more complex as players aim at achieving higher efficiency and reducing operating costs. As a result, more technology-intensive functions such as automation, control and testing are becoming more prominent, and representing an ever-growing share of the cement plant equipment spend mix.”


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