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India’s West Coast CFR average prices for high and mid-sulfur petcoke increased in the first weeks of May 2017, according to CW Research’s India Petcoke CFR Price Assessment update for mid-month May.

The average cost of burning high sulfur petcoke is at a premium of over 14 percent in mid-May 2017, on a mmBTU basis, when compared to Richard Bays coal for West Coast. In the previous month, the discount rate was 15+ percent.

Over 50 percent of the total petcoke volume imported by Indian firms throughout April 2017 came from the United States.

The mid-May update of the India Petcoke CFR Price Assessment also includes market and shipping updates, as well as a pricing forecast for the next three months.

The monthly update is available as an annual subscription in individual or corporate license forms. For questions and orders, please contact Liviu Dinu, Market Services & Marketing Consultant, CW Group (Europe), at [email protected] or +40-744-67-44-11. For more information or interview inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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