The company is expected to surpass that volume for the first time
The company reported a heavy net loss in the September quarter
Exports grew particularly in the southern region
Consumption grew for the fifth straight month
The company commissioned a new polypropylene unit in 2019
Consumption fell at a national level in January-September
The fuel was shipped to UltraTech’s facility in Kalaburagi
Rates hit their lowest in October since September 2016
Coal demand remains low
The Azerbaijani refinery produces petroleum coke
The increase goes against the global trend
The company has seen sales drop in the first nine months of the year
The company’s sales have declined as demand in the domestic market has dropped
Sales expanded strongly as demand for petcoke surged in the third quarter
Rates are expected to record a single-digit contraction
Government introduces “non-adjustable” clause
Prices fell due to lower demand from Taiwan
December-loading cargoes received bids of over USD 90 per ton
Lower temperatures are helping keep the coal market profitable
Imports have increased from July to November
Overall demand in the country has declined
Newcastle index has fallen over USD 0.70 on the week
Companies will have a four-year transitional period
The product will account for over 60 percent of the port’s total throughput
Input costs have been decreasing and prices are still high
The company is setting up a new delayed coking unit and revamping an existing one
Production levels on November 19 topped 22 million tons
Outbound shipments improved both month-on-month and year-on-year
The product is said to be for re-export to Mediterranean countries
Green petcoke output in Rio de Janeiro soared past 60,000 tons
Data for the week ended November 15
The company’s facility is one of its largest petcoke-producing plants
Prices have declined across the nation
China keeps importing coal despite having announced a self-imposed import threshold
Coastal coal demand to increase due to cold wave
The company is bidding for the fuel stock of a closing thermal plant
Supplies to the city have increased, leading to a drop in prices
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