Projection by the US Energy Information Agency
FocusEconomics rises its forecast for 2019-2020 in the Pacific basin
Green petcoke production continued to grow YoY and MoM in October in the US
The purchase included added costs that were not disclosed
Exports fell due to maintenance and upgrade works
Beijing policies dictate fall in Indonesian coal exports
Exports almost doubled compared to 2016
State boosts coal exports, breaks record set in 2016
The tariffs imposed by the US did not dent export volumes
Exports almost doubled compared to 2017
An industry body has recommended several measures to support steelmakers
Growth was registered in cargoes delivered for export through domestic ports
Exports went mainly to other Asian countries
Coal imports rose in spite of measures to limit shipments
Colder weather forecasts boost coal prices
Commodity will surpass iron ore in the current fiscal year
The company will be shutting down its delayed coker
Company surpassed the national average growth
First half-year demand decline in nine years
The agreement will be signed in February
Country expects new falls in lignite production in the coming years
According to CW Research’s Cement and Clinker Price Assessments for Mediterranean Basin and Persian Gulf,…
Terminal is located in Ust-Luga, western Russia
Coal production rose both y-o-y and w-o-w
Fall in coal handling contrasts with overall increase in goods handled
Coal prices, both for domestic and imported fuel, surged in April-December 2018
Coal made available by e-auction dropped in April-December 2018
Production of uncalcined petroleum coke declined MoM and YoY
Port registered record throughput of goods, but not thanks to coal
Russian port's main destination during 2018 was South Korea
Spot prices reach six-week low in Newcastle
National power utility expects higher demand for coal from new coal-fired power plants
Green petcoke production continued to fall YoY in November in Brazil
Of 17 cement companies 12 registered negative results on sales
Sector expects return to consumption growth after four negative years
Less coal has been made available on this year's e-auctions
Higher demand from Asia-Pacific boosts Russian coal exports
Colder weather forecast boosts coal prices
2018 still ended with strong increase in throughput
Growth in coal hauling surpassed average increase in cargoes
Exports of uncalcined petroleum coke declined MoM and YoY
Company accelerated output to tap delayed supply
Producers will still be subject to high tariffs to enter the market
2019 begins with lower thermal coal prices
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