The country’s overall industry recovered when compared with the end of 2019

In Brazil, production of petcoke, petroleum products and biofuels improved by 2.3 percent from December 2019 to January 2020, according to Diário da Região.

The country’s overall industry began 2020 in a better state, after a rough 2019, with overall output improving by 0.9 percent month-on-month, although the sectors that saw the most growth had recorded losses in the previous months, and still maintain a negative balance.

"Activities that grew a lot came from a drop. Of the five main industrial sectors that are growing this month, with the exception of oil products, the other activities came from a drop in the previous month. Some activities came from two months of negative rates. what I mean is that it has a more depreciated basis of comparison to justify not only the growth of this month, but the greater spread of positive rates. This has an important relationship with the losses recorded in November and December ", explained André Macedo, manager of the IBGE Industry Coordination.

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