Cement prices have also begun to correct due to sluggish demand
Three companies saw sales increase, but fourteen presented yearly declines
Transport of coal or petcoke through the city would not be affected by this
Despite the record in volumes, revenues declined from 2017
Production volumes of uncalcined petroleum coke fell both year-on-year and month-on-month
Government is increasing taxes for several important segments of the industry
Funding for coal-fired projects drops as country tries to move to other energy sources
The industry is under pressure from cheaper imports, producers say
Country’s power coal price benchmark remained flat during the previous week
Australian company has scaled down expected average coal production
Company fossil fuel revenues to decrease in the near term
The refinery in Novopolotsk will begin production of petcoke once it is installed
Stocks have risen back up despite past-week low
Decrease in fossil fuel value is already affecting the country’s mining operations
Unattractive export values stagnate sales
The country’s main supplier of thermal coal to continues to be Russia
Factory prices have already risen and should be passed onto customers soon
Europe Power’s energy prices stayed balanced despite high demands
Asian coal prices have been under pressure during recent weeks
Critics argue value estimates are based on outdated costs of imported coal
The handling of coal at the port will also stop
Imports of uncalcined petroleum coke jumped year-on-year but nearly halved from the previous month
The company is aiming to decrease its reliability in coal and petroleum coke
Company’s power prices have contracted amid damp weather in the region
Prices were at their lowest since January 2017
Country’s base power coal price dropped sightly during the past week
The index reflects the coal price levels and changes in the main production areas of…
Oversupply proves a challenge for the country’s coal sales
The comparison with May 2018 comes from a low base, but year-to-date sales have also…
The company decided to apply the tax on its products rather than a blanket price…
European energy prices to increase ahead of holiday weekend as reactors were set to go…
Lack of rains cause an increase on company’s power prices
The government wants to set up a processing plant for waste-based fuel in the country
The refinery will begin production of petcoke once the equipment is commissioned
Green petroleum coke production continued to expand YoY in March in Japan
Several factors should boost industry growth during the year
Freight rates in Asia recovering after Ramadan period
Coal industry looks stable supported by steady metallurgical coal prices
Average number of controlled bulkers contracted compared to Q1 2018
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