For 2021, the company targets sales growth of 4 percent on an annual basis
In 2021, supported by the demand side, the price of domestic medium and high-sulphur petroleum…
The ban on sales outside the province is due to a cement shortage
Press Metal reported a 6 percent increase in net profit in the last quarter of…
March HBA went down from USD 87.8 per ton set for February, after five months…
The index gained 22 points on March 2
Petroleum coke exports accounted for 0.1 percent out of the total Azerbaijan's exports in January
The index lost 24 points on March 1
The companies have partnered for a 100,000 ton low-carbon primary aluminum slab contract
The coal price rose by 5 percent last week after two weeks of lows
The index lost 25 points on February 26
Green petcoke production decreased year-on-year in December, but slightly increased month-on-month
Aluminium prices rose 0.8 percent in futures trade on February 25
The price of coal is dropping across several mining regions in China
The price of the stone has risen by 2.4 percent on February 25
The index lost 9 points on February 25
Consumption increased by 20.1 percent year-on-year in the month
Goa Carbon’s Bilaspur unit, in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, has been temporarily shut for…
The company has set the base or minimum price at 9.5 percent of the Brent…
The coal prices across China first rose and then dropped in the early days of…
The prices of coal in the domestic market of China continue to fell on February…
The index lost 18 points on February 24
The prices of the low sulfur coke have risen quickly and successively since the beginning…
The index gained 18 points on February 23
The company will provide more than 580,000 tons of cement, worth more than USD 72…
The Port Arthur, Texas, refinery of Valero Energy is increasing its production of coker
The index gained 11 points on February 22
The index lost 72 points on February 19
Net profit has grown from the second quarter, reaching reaching RUB 81.5 billion in the…
Green petcoke production weakened both YoY and MoM in December in Japan
The index lost 14 points on February 18
By the end of this year, the company plans to receive the first products of…
The Newcastle coal price has seen a continuous decline over the last few days
The index gained 261 points on February 17
Coal futures price closed the trading on February 16 with a correction of 1.3 percent
The index gained 131 points on February 16
On February 15, the ICE Newcastle thermal coal futures contract price fell by almost 2…
Prices remained stable across the producing areas
The company's net sales during the full year declined by 1 percent
Aluminium Rheinfelden is a major supplier to the global automotive industry
The index gained 25 points on February 15
Sales increased by 10.5 percent over the same month in 2020
The output decreased by 8 percent compared to January-December 2019
The contracts were sealed with Italy’s Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiaries Tecnimont and KT-Kinetics Technology
The price of the ICE Newcastle coal futures contract rose 1.1 percent over the last…
The index gained 26 points on February 12
Despite the drop, the price of the black stone accumulated appreciation this week
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in November in the US
The plant, which is the first phase of the project, has a production capacity of…
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