The new process creates value-add benefits for producers as well
Production expanded year-on-year as well
The company has conducted research to develop the facility
The boilers will be replaced by new natural gas co-generation units
Production continued to decrease year over year
The revived plant in Odisha will be sourced by India Oil’s Paradip refinery petroleum coke
Election effects still weighing down the cement and construction markets
The company is dealing with a shortage of raw materials at its Vizag plant
Sub-indexes for gran, oil products and coal rose month-on-month
Cement dispatches expanded in the first half of the year
Prices fluctuated across the country
Compensation to AMPL has been awarded regarding the 2008 energy deal
Increasing supplies are pressuring rates
Data for the week ended September 13
Region’s coal fees were last reviewed in 2012
The two countries want to increase trade volumes
Rates are projected to drop one percent
Daily consumption at power plants along the coast rose due to high temperatures
During 2019, PiS implemented a limit on household power tariffs
Group seeks to obtain financial closure by October 2019
Output of uncalcined petroleum coke fell both year-on-year and month-on-month
The sales volume was achieved in the first eight months of the year
Fuel and energy exports fell year-on-year
The group’s thermal energy facility has an installed capacity of 3300 megawatts
Green petcoke production continued to drop YoY in July in China
Production also surged year-on-year
The overall consumption in the country has shown a positive growth
Weather and other factors will improve the overall market
The company will be reselling part of its new generated energy to the national grid
Prices remained stable across the nation
Coal reserves in the country are estimated at 26.2 billion tons
The company began the commissioning in August
Cement sales expanded year-on-year
Data for the week ended September 6
Pacific Basin’s average price for Australian coal exports decreased momentarily
Uncalcined petcoke production rose both month-on-month and year-on-year
Profit margins for cement companies should expand in this period
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