Handling of cement and clinker dropped during this period
Output of raw petroleum coke improved yearly but fell monthly
Overall production of petroleum derived products increased during this period
Several construction segments were heavily affected by COVID-19
Consolidated revenue surpassed 6 thousand crore
Green petcoke production continued to fall YoY in February in Japan
Overall construction did not stop despite the State of Emergency
Several local agents participated in a meeting to address issues in the sector
Overall fuel demand contracted sharply during the month
Exports declined as well during this period
This was the first use of this technology in sandy seabed conditions
Production of the material began in April at the Mina Al Ahmadi refinery
Value fell from what was initially agree due to the coronavirus pandemic
Rural areas are reportedly better prepared for the medium term
Handling of agricultural bulk grew during this period
The company is freezing capital expenditure for 2020
Recovery could ease size of drop, but will not offset the decline
Positive costs to return post COVID-19
Year-on-year, uncalcined petroleum coke production kept expanding in March in India
Production fell as well during these two months
The company produces carbon anodes through a mix of petcoke and coal tar pitch
The price was calculated based on crude oil prices traded on April 15 and May…
Prices remained stable across the nation
The shipment was the largest in the company’s history
Top stories from the previous week, from decreasing cement sales in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and…
The government had declared force majeure due to a burst in pipelines
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept declining in March in Brazil
Overall fuel sales contracted during the month
Production of uncalcined petroleum coke grew both monthly and yearly
The company produces calcined petroleum coke
Mining companies have already acquired their annual supply contracts
Cash production cost per ton sold retracted over USD 10
Cement sales per business day improved monthly and yearly
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