World cement consumption is forecast to decrease marginally to 4 billion tons in 2019, according…
Overall cost of petroleum products increased year-on-year
Brexit delay, new rules, and permit shortage boost CO2 prices
Figures for the Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index
Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Prices fall over cheaper coal, milder weather
Glencore shields itself with pricing mechanisms
Islamabad wants to close the gap with international coal prices
Output reached a new record during the year
The handling of petcoke at the port is being inspected
Production reached record levels in the first quarter of 2018
Company increased output both y-o-y and q-o-q
The country is revising its oil products export duty
The industry is expecting growth for 2019
Imported petroleum coke fell in line with domestic fuel and coal, which could benefit cement…
Coal capacity increased in spite of pledges in the inverse direction
Major buyer acquired the supply of the mine's phase 1 for almost all its lifespan
Ramadan will further slow production in May
Average prices now expected to be lower in 2019 and 2020
Coal production rose w-o-w, fell y-o-y
Prices for the major coal basins in the United States
Real estate sales surged in first ten days of April
Rates for Handysize vessels fell in the week ended April 12
Lower productivity expected for the Maules Creek mine
Company won over a dozen auctions from Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission
Brexit extension provides more security to the market
Prices increased after four weeks flat
Several factors contributing to collapse on coal prices
Prices came down over weaker coal futures
Data for the week ended April 12
Some industrial units refuse to switch to alternatives
Shock-waves of sharp decrease in Europe's natural gas prices reach its antipodes
Lower thermal coal prices on Europe divert US coal to the domestic market
Many distribution and power generation companies are currently stressed assets
Bank says supply gloat, switch to natural gas are driving coal prices down
Weekly and spot prices fall in Newcastle
Most companies reported a decline in sales from March 2018
The company will be distributing the products from locations in the US Midwest
Company is confident with the export market
Power utility has contracts with very different price tags
Rumors are emerging at the provincial level
Australia's mid-calorific value coal will likely lose market share
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