A growing contruction sector will ensure cement production continues to expand
The offer was made on August 22
Output slipped annually
Adverse market conditions curbed the group’s coal shipments guidance
Output slumped over the same period the previous year
Ports and energy sites throughout the country are destocking their high levels of coal
Coal industry’s EBITDA to decline over 3% for the next year
Sales expanded month-on-month but fell year-on-year
The company recorded no export sales during the month
Prices have fallen over 20% since May
Ongoing trade disputes between the US and China pressure thermal coal rates
The group entered new coal agreements in order to tackle its production issues
Green petroleum coke production continued to decline year-on-year
Production also fell during the month
Nevertheless, prices are unlikely to return to the levels seen in early 2019
Exports from Australia haven plunged over 30% since the beginning of 2019
Prices remained stable across the nation
The facility was closed in the first two weeks of July
Lekima typhoon causing transportation issues in the Bohai sea
Company’s thermal coal sales rose over 20% in Europe and Asia
Year-on-year, green petroleum coke production continued to slip
Overall oil export duty rates will drop from August
In the first half of 2019, cement demand recorded conflicting trends across selected markets, according…
The China-US trade war is taking its toll on coal rates
Green petcoke production improved both month-on-month and year-on-year
Demand expanded year-on-year and month-on-month
The company cut activity in some areas due to security concerns
Daily output fell month-on-month although overall output increased
Weaker demand levels to cause a drop in coal value
Coal miners in the north of the country decreased their sales price
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited will be responsible for coal washing and transportation costs
The coal sub-index showed the steepest decline from the previous month
The new terminal will be opening by February 2020
Metallurgical coke imports recorded a modest expansion
Company expected to supply more coal to energy plants, allowing for an increase in e-auction…
The country’s laws do not envision collection of the tax in the region
Year-on-year, green petcoke exports kept dropping in April in US
Sales of the fuel slowed down year-to-date as well
Consolidated net profit also rose
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