Development of revenue was impaired by negative currency effects
Global group operates in Georgia under Georgian Cement Company
Imports surged compared to 2016 and edged slightly over 2017
Russia remained the biggest supplier
Coal imports declined in January 2019 alone
Province carries on with shutdown of outdated capacity
The country’s Foreign Minister has stressed the importance of Canadian aluminum
Demand to grow faster than capacity, boosting utilization rates
The company is appealing from an ordinance issued in 2017
Country closed its last two hard coal mines in 2018
Coal exports reached two-year high in January
Production rose w-o-w while falling y-o-y
Coal represented important slice of overall cargo handled last Monday
The port will also be developing two petcoke projects
INC's stockpiles are being emptied after kiln breakdown
Prices for February 14
Prices fall back to 2017 levels in Europe and Asia-Pacific
Prices hit 10-month low amid lack of demand in the Chinese market
Coal cargoes grew faster than overall throughput
Production decline in 2018
Green petroleum coke production continued to decline YoY
Private initiative to support cement demand in the next few years
The country’s aluminum exports reached a new record in November
Figures are distorted by Lunar New Year festivities and custom barriers imposed in late 2018
Imports increased by more than threefold compared to December 2018
Prices hit 21-month low in the continent
Estimates by the Energy Information Administration
Prices for February 13
Sales improve for the 13th consecutive month
Petcoke was the second largest import of the port in 2018
Coal and CO2 emission allowances responsible for lower electricity rates
Prices remained unchanged across the nation
Dispatches from Australia, Indonesia, and Canada surged during the month
Figures by the Energy Information Administration
Production of uncalcined petroleum coke in the US fell YoY and MoM
Company expects production in line with 2018 figures
Exports were supported by demand from India and China
Production declined both y-o-y and w-o-w
Contura Energy and Javelin Commodities came second and third, respectively
After surge in sales, producers are now witnessing an increase in prices
Sales rise across the country except for the North
Exports soared thanks to the devaluation of the Indonesian rupiah
The company’s production of aluminum rose year-to-date
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