Month-on-month, green petcoke production remained flat
Green petcoke production continued to drop YoY in February in Spain
Meanwhile, oil prices climbed back up to levels of March
Weak purchase demand and growing stocks affected prices
The Baltic Dry Index rose 37 points
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in April in the US
The German association expects a decline in construction activities next year
Its EBITDA, however, surged by over 60 percent
Price trends for coal across the nation
The economic stimulus is expected to kick start recovery for the world’s biggest oil consumer
Growing demand for electricity and reopening of factories led to the increase
Chief Executive Officer says this was a difficult quarter for the company
The Index has reached 1,506 points
The project is aimed at installing a new system in its delayed coking plant
Electricity demand across the country is slowly increasing
The Index has reached 1,501 points
Month-on-month, the country's green petcoke production is strengthening
Year-on-year, however, US' green petcoke exports kept growing
Despite May and June's recovery, the sales decline in April influenced its overall results
The company has reinforced its position as a market leader
It will utilize two new units to help improve production
The Index has reached 1,500 points
Imported volumes rose year-on-year and month-on-month
Diesel sales were relatively good, reaching similar levels of 2019
The decline was mainly due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic
Coal trading improvement has pushed up the price index
Planned sales in August are only marginally higher than July
Revenues and profits generally declined but cement and clinker sales increased
The new enterprise will help reduce the company’s emission of pollutants
According to industry sources, export coal transportation rates have fallen
The Index has reached 1,385 points
The sale of the asset was deemed favorable by the Federal Audit Court
Coal accounted for more than 90 percent of its total shipments in the first half…
However, an increase in average coal price for the second half is predicted
The Index has reached 1,350 points
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept expanding in June.
Green petcoke production continued to drop YoY in June in Brazil.
Its performance was considered good against the background of Covid-19 challenges
Cement production increased more than seven percent in 1H2020
Cement companies have resorted to stopping their production lines
The Iraqi government agreed to sign a contract with the Japan-based company
Coal supply and demand are also anticipated to remain stable
The Index has fallen to 1,264 points
The company however, expanded its cement product gross margin
The increase came amid the resumption of operation of two distillation units
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