Imported volumes climbed year-on-year, but dropped month-on-month
Rates fluctuated due to the country’s upcoming festivals
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 179 points
The volume of aluminium imports last month was the highest in over 11 years
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 62 points
The targeted value for this year is the same achieved in 2019
The volume of cement production declined almost two percent in the period
Rural demand will continue to outperform urban demand
Cement imports declined more than 24 percent in the period
Projects are located at the county’s Economic and Technological Development Zone
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 50 points
This week, more than 30 coal mines in Yulin city registered price hikes
The decision was reversed due to an expected decline in aluminium imports
Prices remained stable across the nation
Since September 7, coal prices have increased by nearly 18 percent
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 18 points
The new facility aims for cleaner production levels of high-end products
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 2 points
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in June in the US [PAID=]Green petcoke production…
Month-on-month, the country's green petcoke production posted a decrease
The company has recorded, between July and August, an increase in sales of approximately 5…
The company's total cement sales as of August 2020 reached 10 million tons
Rates are anticipated to stabilize as the domestic market strengthens
Export volumes decreased since April due to the coronavirus pandemic
Domestic coal rates have rebounded after declining sharply in July-August
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 13 points
Green petcoke production expanded in June in Spain year-on-year
The local market players in Egypt face a crisis due to the pandemic
The company sold about 677 thousand tons of cement in the first eight months of…
Smelters have become unprofitable due to high electricity prices
Rates are expected to remain stable for the rest of the month
Rates went up as high as CNY 43 per ton
The Baltic Dry Index fell by 8 points
Cement sales in the island registered an year-on-year increase
The new projects are estimated to cost KZT 27 billion
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 7 points
The Ministry of Commerce monitored coal rates across the country
The cement company projects a yearly contraction of 5 to 7 percent
Prices remained consistent across the nation
Smelters are taking advantage of the metal’s competitive price
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 15 points
The calcination unit was temporarily shut down for maintenance work
The Baltic Dry Index fell by 2 points
Year-on-year, US green petcoke exports kept growing
Green petcoke production fell in May in Spain year-on-year
In the first eight months of this year, sales registered a year-on-year growth
Their average operating load increased month-on-month to nearly 55 percent
The Baltic Dry Index fell by 27 points
Analysts are warning against price hikes as demand has not fully recovered
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