Experts claim over 60 percent of domestic cement sales are made by unregistered dealers
Thermal coal costs have fallen over 30% in 2019
Green petroleum coke production improved month-on-month and year-on-year
Prices for bulk cement rose for the third time this year
Global demand for aluminum is expected to contract in 2019
Coal inventories at northern facilities have increased
To consumers, coal is already being sold at a minimum of KZT 14 thousand
Year-on-year, green petroleum coke exports kept decreasing in June in US.
Uncalcined petcoke production continued to decline
Consumption in the building segment increased year-on-year in January-September
Yet, petcoke demand surged by a double digit
While cement prices have been decreasing, profits are not expected to be affected
The start of the festival season is to signal growth in prices and demand
Overall exports to the US dropped year-on-year
Prices have shifted across the nation
Prices could rise up to EUR 65 per megawatt hour
The refinery produces petroleum coke
Utilities in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat pay nearly INR 5 thousand crore in coal shipments…
Companies are expecting the move to have a limited impact on their profitability
Daily consumption of energy at coastal plants rose over the same period in 2018
The institution anticipates demand to soften in the long term
Metallurgical coal prices tanked 40%
The cement market’s prospects are being revised
The company was awarded a subcontract for the equipment
Index is being created as part of a government project to open the coal sector…
Prices are not expected to increase due to export restrictions
Uncalcined petcoke production continued to fall year-on-year
The company is still confident sales will increase in second half of the year
The sector’s stakeholders are confident about further increases in sales for the rest of the…
The company has acquired new customers during this period
The company’s Paradeep plant did not record any output during the month
The country ranked 3rd in world coal exports, yet experienced a domestic deficit
The company also increased clinker imports
Southern Cement had the highest sale volume in the month
Some domestic aluminum producers had to suspend production
Current prices stand at their lowest since September 2016
Coal value set to average at USD 70 per ton
The drop was also witnessed at a national level
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