Data included cement production and sales for the first six months of 2020
The year’s positive start was heavily offset by the pandemic lockdowns
Minister says the country is relatively self-sufficient in minerals
Coal prices were monitored by the Ministry of Commerce
On July 14, the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index registered a 50-point drop
This project is a significant milestone for the development of the industrial district and of…
The market recovered from a sales slump in March and April
On July 13, the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index fell by 0.99 percent
Increasing inventories and a fire incident forced Mexico to sell more barrels
All cement producers registered an increase in sales
On July 10, the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index reported no change
Green petcoke production continued to increase YoY in February in the US.
The sale is reportedly in line with US’ goal of assisting Israel in their national…
The declarations are used to assess the carbon footprint of products
The second half of the year however, is predicted to bring lower volumes
On July 9, the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index registered 2.11 percent drop
Petroleum consumption increased as the country slowly reopens its economy
Green petcoke production decreased both month-on-month and year-on-year in May
Demand from rural and urban centers led to an increase in cement sales
This is due to the price surge which reached up to CNY 600 per ton
On July 8, the Baltic Dry Index registered a 100-point decrease
Production increased year to date in the same period
Buyers are paying less than the previous quarter due to weaker demand
Contract prices are now almost at par with current spot prices
On July, 6, the Baltic Dry Index went up 62 points
The increase, however, was only half of what the producers had asked for
The index has gone up 3.89 percent
Coal demand from key markets was affected by the coronavirus pandemic
The newly appointed head is the executive of LafargeHolcim in Spain
The coal industry is heavily impacted by lower demand and protective policies from China and…
Petroleum coke standard will not be addressed in the first phase
Top stories from the cement market in the previous week, from new cement plants in…
Demand is expected to reach the lowest level of the past 15 years
A new plan called for petcoke to be banned over the next two years but…
Coal prices slightly changed in two major mining areas
Cement demand is expected to grow in the first half of 2020
During the month, green petcoke exports increased both month-on-month and year-on-year
The company has submitted a request to revise its environmental permit
Cement production also slowed down during the month
Only deliveries to the infrastructure sector showed growth during the month
Talco will have to revise production forecast indicators for 2020
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