Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept increasing in November in Spain.
The company suspended the production in compliance with the lockdown on the city
The company says demand has been declining amid the COVID-19 outbreak
Spot prices for thermal coal have retracted below long-term agreement costs
China’s domestic coal supplies had fallen amid the coronavirus outbreak
Cement consumption grew in the fourth quarter of the year
The aluminum producer cut the price after a plunge in petcoke prices
Low volatile metallurgical coal sales surged on the year
Market share of domestic players grew during the year
Chinese coal consumption is inching closer to its 2019 levels
Many of the markets showed a sustained growth, although investment is decelerating
Cement sales grew in the US and Brazil, but showed a slight dampening in Mexico
The company will temporarily cease coal production at its Illinois Basin mines
Demand for petcoke and diesel have been dropping due to COVID-19 outbreak
Prices remained stable across the nation
Exports have lagged due to weakness in international trade
At least one its petcoke-producing facilities is reducing rates
Company has asked coal miners, transporters and Transnet to continue coal supplies amid the quarantine
Companies were ordered to stop relying so much on imported fuels, especially coal
Both export sales and domestic consumption decreased during this period
The company’s net sales and earnings grew during the year
The company is based in Syria and expects demand to surge with the coming reconstruction
The refinery produces petcoke
Overall consumption in Argentina fell in January
Petcoke prices have surged since the start of the year while crude oil prices have…
Every year, the group appoints an external agency to evaluate stocks at its mines
Production volumes are set to fall, marginally boosting unit costs
Data for March 24
The company’s value has plummeted over the last few weeks
The company’s coal materialization usually improves after the monsoons
Prices fluctuated across the nation
The index reached a near one-week low on March 23
The Indian economy could see benefits from lower oil prices, with cement companies benefitting from…
The company will be selling up to half of its total refining capacity
The COVID-19 pandemic keeps pressuring the global economy
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