This type of cement provides high strength and increased resistance to aggressive influences
The plant's cement output in 2021 exceeded the figures for 2020 by 7.5 percent
The sector saw an increase of 6.6 percent compared to the previous year
The sole cement producer in the country, Nesher raised prices by 12 percent
The country's output rose 5 percent throughout the year
The index lost 109 points on January 14
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept decreasing in September in Brazil
An increase in the volume of shipments to the operator's wagons is expected
After a decline in December, coke prices in Shandong returned to the highs of September…
One of the reasons for this increase is the Indonesian ban on coal exports
The decrease represented a fall from November’s 11-month high
The index lost 154 points on January 13
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept falling in September in Spain
Year-on-year, green petcoke exports kept increasing in September in US
The country imports of the material increased 73 percent year-on-year in the month
The index lost 124 points on January 12
Exports, on the other hand, increased 47 percent year-on-year in November
The index lost 126 points on January 11
The company will carry out a repair of a filter in the petcoke grinding workshop
The countries in the Middle East have also been planning more business agreements
Coal prices decreased across major producing areas
The index lost 12 points on January 10
Meanwhile, volumes likely increased by 25 percent month-on-month in December
Daqing petrochemical 1# petroleum coke quotation raised by CNY 300 a ton
The index lost 7 points on January 7
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept decreasing in October in Japan
Volumes saw an increase of 23 percent compared to the previous month
The US-based company provided an integrated solution which included a multiproduct line, aluminum chip collection…
On January 6, coal price for the January contract increased 16.6 percent from the previous…
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in August in Spain
Sales dropped 4.2 percent in the month year-on-year
The Australian miner will invest up to USD 70 million in the aluminum plant
Panamax rates rose, while capesize and supramax rates dropped on January 5
From March to December last year, the country produced 23 percent more of the product
The Indian aluminium business produced 16 percent more raw material in the period
Supplies to main consumers will be blocked in a period in which the peak in…
The reason has been the high European energy prices
During 2021, exports increased by 5.7 percent while production rose almost 9 percent year-on-year
Supramax and Ultramax vessels rates dropped in the last week of 2021
Exports were up 56.3 percent year-on-year in terms of volume and by 97.8 percent value-wise
Secondary Solid Fuel-Fuel (CSS-C) will replace 45 percent of petcoke or coal
The unit will convert dark petroleum fractions into gasoline, diesel and petroleum coke
The current ceiling price is set at USD 70 per ton
On December 30, coal price decreased 6.8 percent from the price registered in the previous…
Cement prices are likely to rise due to higher coal prices
Aluminium exports grew 59.4 percent compared to 2020
Prices remained stable across the producing areas
The index decreased by 1 point on December 28
They will rise by 16 percent as of January 1 in the region
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