Cement sales in Saudi Arabia continued on its upward trend, increasing by 4.1 percent year-on-year
The Russian plant aims to develop deep oil refining by 2024
The index gained 60 points on April 12
The next stage will confirm the compliance of the project documentation with all the necessary…
The Petron Corp’s refinery is temporarily closed since February
Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) will also expand the existing VALCO smelter
The index gained 35 points on April 7
Sales increased 42 percent in the month, amplified by the low YoY base
Anti-dumping duties between 21.2 and 31.2 percent were imposed by the European Commission
The index gained 20 points on April 6
Cement companies are likely to end fiscal year 2021 with better-than-expected volume growth
Metso completes the withdrawal of its aluminum business.
The Karachi Port handled 422,807 tons of cargo while in Port Qasim, a cargo volume…
The ash is produced by Guangdong Petrochemical's 20 million tons per year heavy oil processing…
Green petcoke production declined both year-on-year and month-on-month in February
The shipment is the first in a partnership between the port and Oxbow Brasil Energia…
The index gained 26 points on April 1
European companies find it difficult to compete with Chinese producers, mainly because of the high-cost…
The index lost 57 points on March 31
The company will invest CNY 1.2 billion in the project
The index lost 59 points on March 30
The plant was temporarily shut for maintenance work from January 26
The index lost 16 points on March 29
With the move, the country aims to help cool the market and meet its emissions…
The index gained 6 points on March 26
Year-on-year, green petcoke exports kept falling in December in the U.S.
En+ noticed a decrease in net profit by 22.1 percent due to fall in commodities…
The index lost 22 points on March 25
The index lost 77 points on March 24
Petroleum coke exports during January-February 2021 were worth USD 3.8 million
Emirates Global Aluminium, the largest aluminium company in UAE, recorded a 63 percent year-on-year increase…
The index lost 48 points on March 23
The company aims to offer more environmentally friendly primary aluminium products
The index gained 38 points on March 22
After a 4-year low coal prices at USD 50.4 per ton, the coal prices now…
The benchmark thermal coal price shot up 6.9 percent on March 18
The index gained 66 points on March 19
The petroleum coke prices continued to fall for this week, with the average price of…
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in December in the US
The historically significant production volume was achieved at cement mill No. 3
The price went down in the FOB market while it remained steady in the CFR…
The index gained 10 points on March 18
International Aluminium Institute releases a new report that aims to reduce aluminium industry emissions
Green petcoke production weakened YoY but grew MoM in January in Japan
The company was facing liquidity challenges and defaulted on loans
During January-February, the production of primary aluminum in China increased by 8.4 percent when compared…
The index gained 88 points on March 17
The index gained 34 points on March 16
As plants shut down for mainteinance, Chinese petcoke production will continue to decline throughout March
The U.S. ended investigations on Brazilian aluminium subsidies, but investigations into dumping continue
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