Construction boost helped to fuel the increase in profit
Timlui Cement’s unit had the largest yearly growth in output
Data for July 18
Company unveiled its quarterly production report
All dry bulk segments have shown a strong growth
Shipments to infrastructure projects contracted year-on-year
The new facility’s output is estimated at over 20,000 tons of petcoke per day
Output of uncalcined petcoke rose year-on-year and month-on-month
Dealers say increasing fuel prices, weak foreign exchange rate are to blame
Domestic sales fell sharply, while exports sustained mild growth
Weekly production peaked in March and lagged in June
Production and sales also zipped from the year-ago period
Deliveries to infrastructure projects weakened year-on-year
The country’s overall export duty will be dropping during the month
Demand for capesize vessels has been expanding
Analysts expect lower demand despite improvements in other key areas
The company decided to invest in energy recovery and waste treatment
The majority stake is being acquired by US investors
The company's coal rate was above the benchmark price
Moves to more renewable energies are affecting coal sales
Companies say that cheaper imports are causing their sales to drop
The general election and other factors pressured the sector down
Exports have expanded, while domestic sales have fallen
Imports of uncalcined petcoke expanded both year-on-year and month-on-month
Expectations for second half are much more positive
The National Green Tribunal requested the state pollution control board to make sure petcoke is…
The contracted terminal already handles petcoke for the company’s facility in Sergipe
Company reveals its coal production levels for the previous month
INC is now using petcoke at its kiln
Loans to real estate development have been increasing
Australian coal was the most affected
Country’s main coal hub ships more coal to Europe
Export volumes to China hit a 5-month high
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