Top stories from the previous week, from cement capacity in India to surpass half a…
Shipments of crude oil and petroleum products expected to surge over the next few years
Production also contracted when compared with 2018
Prices are rising while input costs are contracting
The sector accumulated four consecutive years of decline and still operates with a significant idle…
The technology maximizes liquid yields and minimizes production of petcoke
Domestic sales contracted year-on-year as well
Deliveries to infrastructure fell significantly from 2018
Petcoke prices have declined and are expected to support margins growth as well
The company is seeking environmental clearance to use tires at its facility in Spain
The overall production of petroleum products fell year-on-year
Prices recorded mixed trends
Sales for cement, clinker, aggregates and concrete surged year-on-year
Green petroleum coke imports fell both year-on-year and month-on-month
Petcoke handling stood at a sizeable volume during the year
Sales grew everywhere, with the exception of the North region
Sales contracted sharply in the second half of the year
BSPI still above CNY 500 per ton
Coal prices shifted on the main basins during the last week
The rumors spread across social media, and the authorities responded
The government wants to narrow its fuel trade deficit, and could build more coking units
Costs will now be negotiated by power producers, supply groups and electricity users
Output declined on a year-on-year basis
Government’s infrastructure push is likely to boost the industry in FY2021
Shipments in December fell year-on-year and month-on-month
Cimaf and CimGabon were able to increase output
Sales dropped year-on-year during the month as well
The company has outlined a strategy to remain profitable
The facility is completing a modernization project for the production of petcoke
Petcoke was the most handled commodity at the port
HBA fell below USD 66 per ton in the first month of 2020
The merchandise was shipped from its facility in eastern Angola
The Russian refinery produces petcoke
The company will be investing the money for peat use as a fuel in cement…
The tax is paid by consumers and is applied on a per-ton basis
Energy costs have increased to over INR 60 per unit
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