Year-on-year, uncalcined petcoke production kept increasing in April in China
Outbound shipments rose both in terms of value and of volume
The company has three production facilities in India
Overall oil export duties will be expanding
Prices to be corrected after rising outputs caused a rapid price escalation
Higher input costs affected the company’s margins during the quarter
Coal, grain, and iron ore all saw healthy growth during the year
Relative coal prices to remain stable
Energy values far lower as compared to 2018
The combined coal production showed a rampant growth
Countries coal market to remain strong
The refinery produces petcoke and is currently for sale
The company has an action plan to expand capacity
Once complete, the facility will produce petcoke
Imports of green petroleum coke surged YoY and MoM
Southern Cement’s sales increase mildly year-on-year
Expectations for May remain optimistic
The prices for fuel and power fell month-on-month overall
Trade conflicts with the US are flattening coal prices
Benchmark prices remained unchanged during this past week
Green petroleum coke production continued to decrease YoY in February in the US
Manufacturers claim that the duty is much higher for raw materials than for other industries
Global cement consumption can contract to 4.01 billion tons in 2050, according to CW Research’s…
Those who want to export certain fuels to the country will have to apply for…
The company almost fully meets its early requirements
Traders and shipbrokers are still hopeful for a deal between the two parties
Green petcoke production continued to grow YoY in February in Japan
The industry is facing many challenges for growth
Apparent consumption fell year-on-year, but increased year-to-date
Net incomed recorded a triple-digit increase year on year
Index coal prices in China suffered a minor decrease
The facility had been having some equipment issues and had to be closed
Below-average water levels change contract prices
High supplies and fewer needs put pressure on coal prices
Low costs favour the usage of alternative fuels
Cement production and sales rose year-on-year
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