Output tumbled over 20% in the Rocky Mountains
The petcoke cost per ton of production increased from the previous year
Uncalcined petroleum coke output fell year-on-year but increased from the previous month
The company’s subsidiary Hanson UK will be conducting trials at one of its facilities
There are many theories about what could be causing this rise
The Indian government has called for a reduction in import fees from the US
The refinery shut down some units after an accident on February 12
Domestic production also dropped by double digits
Year-to-date sales of the fuel improved
Prices remained stable across the nation
Steelmaking coal sales volumes in that same time period fell in line with the company’s…
Morrison government invests in low emissions coal site at Collinsville
Top stories from the previous week, from US petcoke exports rising to 33 million tons…
Uncalcined petroleum coke production continued to increase YoY in December in India
The company has appointed a new CEO and Managing Director
Consumption in the North and Southeast fell strongly due to heavy rains
The company is focusing on its coking units as part of a new project
Some industry executives believe the price cut requirements to be too high
Equity ROM coal production fell by double digits
Total cost of production of petroleum products soared into double digits
Prices have shifted across the nation
Daily consumption at six major coastal utilities neared 400 thousand tons during the beginning of…
The overall export duty for oil will decline when compared with February
The company mulls turning to used tires to trim petcoke imports
The tax will be imposed on both domestically-produced and imported cement
US petcoke exports reached 33.4 million tons in 2019, according to leading global and multi-industry…
US petcoke exports reached 33.4 million tons in 2019, according to leading global and multi-industry…
Yet, on a monthly basis, output surged over 50%
Cement consumption in the country reached a six-year high in 2019
Exports recorded a double-digit increase
Over USD 50 million were spent to sustain to the company’s fleet
Top stories from the previous week, from the world cement equipment market being forecast to…
The company was recognized as a global leader in its engagement with suppliers on climate…
Front-quarter API 2 contract rose over USD 1
Company profits had declined for the second consecutive quarter in 4Q2019
The USD 1 billion acquisition officially closed on February 1
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