Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept expanding in February in Japan
This is part of the company’s eco-friendly projects
In the first five months of 2022, cement output fell 12 percent from the same…
The mark reached the mark a month earlier than in previous years
The index gained 54 points on June 30
Imported volumes, however, declined year-on-year
The index lost 18 points on June 29
The arrival of equipment by sea, such as the heater sections at the coke plant,…
The index lost 91 points on June 28
The index lost 36 points on June 27
The index lost 23 points on June 24
Green petcoke production continued to decline YoY in April in China
Coal and petcoke moved significantly in May, topping 773,000 tons for the month and 1.4…
The company has inaugurated its new Climafuel production facility in the cement plant
The new high was of 1.57 million mt in May, an increase of 2.8 percent…
The vessel is to be immediately delivered and put into charter
Year-on-year, green petcoke production kept expanding in February in the US.
The country’s annual production has surged by 3.66 million tons over the first five months…
The index lost 135 points on June 22
This cement plant is the 7th in the group and has a production capacity of…
The value of petroleum products manufactured in five months was down 18.4 percent compared to…
The project is to be financed through State Bank of Pakistan Financing Scheme for Renewable…
The index lost 112 points on June 21
U.S. refinery utilization is running near record rates at 94 percent of capacity, which is…
The index gained 18 points on June 20
The index gained 116 points on June 17
Green petcoke production continued to expand YoY in April in Brazil
The duty on coke will increase to USD 3.5 per ton
The index gained 75 points on June 16
Cement demand and sales are weak, while companies' inventories are under high pressure
The company aims to keep the production capacity at 320,000 tons per annum
The index gained 103 points on June 15
Prices in the North were impacted due to lower demand, while in the East prices…
On the other hand, the value of cement exports increased in the period
China’s green petcoke production increased by 2 percent in the first three months of 2022…
The decision was taken after a fire broke out on the facility
The index gained 24 points on June 14
High energy prices have been driving cement prices up in the past few months
The unit will be closed for maintenance from June 12
The index lost 60 points on June 13
The restriction will be extended for another 6 months until January 15, 2023
Sales fell 0.9 percent year-on-year
Iran’s aluminum output increased 4 percent during the current fiscal year’s first two months
The index lost 22 points on June 10
Green petcoke exports grew YoY in March in the US
Green petcoke production continued to drop YoY in March in Spain
The third phase of the project includes a dewaxing unit and a delayed coking unit
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