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Rises occur in regions such as Meizhou and Chaoshan

October data from the National Cement Industry Union

Company from Indonesia posts increase of almost 10 percent

Rise in fuel costs and the extended monsoon explain the decrease

The company registered a quarterly net loss of USD 746 million in the period


30 November 2022

Petcoke production decreases in India as consumption rises year-on-year in October 2022

Production fell as some plants were under maintenance

29 November 2022

China’s domestic Petcoke price declines on November 28

In comparison to November 1, price has dropped

29 November 2022

The Baltic index reaches over a 2-week peak on November 28

High rates relate to firm demand for larger vessels

28 November 2022

Cement consumption decreasing in Russia

Total consumption will not exceed 61 million tons in 2022

28 November 2022

China’s domestic Petcoke prices decline significantly in the week of November 21 to November 27

The price of petroleum coke in local refineries has dropped

28 November 2022

The Baltic index reaches the best week in over a month

Data relates to the week ending on November 25

Global aluminum output increases in October
Data points to over 3 percent rise year on year
23 Nov
China’s domestic Petcoke prices remain stable
Data relates to the third week of November
22 Nov
October Petcoke shipments over 17 percent ahead of 2021 on the Great Lakes
Overall shipping across the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Seaway system reached over 4 million tons
21 Nov
25 Nov
The Baltic index declines for a ninth straight session on November 22
Week vessel demand negatively impacts the index
23 Nov
The Baltic index registers a weekly fall on November 18
The scenario results from lower demand on Capesize segment
22 Nov
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United States (August 2022)

Portland cement shipments, including exports, continued to decline YoY in August in the United State...

Saudi Arabia (October 2022)

Year-on-year, cement demand kept expanding in October in Saudi Arabia. Cement demand improved both m...

Peru (September 2022)

Cement production continued to expand YoY in September in Peru. Cement production strengthened both ...

Malaysia (September 2022)

Cement production in Malaysia fell 3.5% month-on-month in September, reaching 1.2 million tons. Year...

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