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The company produces carbon anodes through a mix of petcoke and coal tar pitch

Overall fuel sales contracted during the month

Investment in real estate declined during the same period

US petcoke exports reached 33.4 million tons in 2019, according to leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique CW Group.

Prices are rising while input costs are contracting


28 May 2020

CW Research: US green petcoke production grows in January

Output of raw petroleum coke improved yearly but fell monthly

28 May 2020

Argentina’s cement consumption falls in January-April

All provinces showed a decrease in sales

28 May 2020

Spain: Cement consumption in Catalonia decreases in April

Year-to-date consumption fell sharply

28 May 2020

Azerbaijan’s petcoke production falls in January-April

Overall production of petroleum derived products increased during this period

27 May 2020

RUSAL commissions new aluminum anode types in push for creation of more value-added products

The company has begun production of anodes for oil and gas industries

27 May 2020

Vietnam’s cement consumption not expected to grow in 2020

Several construction segments were heavily affected by COVID-19

India’s cement companies expect demand to revive in rural areas
Rural areas are reportedly better prepared for the medium term
22 May
Russia’s petcoke export duty increases in June
The price was calculated based on crude oil prices traded on April 15 and May 14
19 May
Lafarge Africa expects sales to drop in second quarter
The company is freezing capital expenditure for 2020
21 May
Trimet commissions new anode baking furnace at Hamburg smelter
The company produces carbon anodes through a mix of petcoke and coal tar pitch
20 May
Oil demand fall to reach new record in 2020
Recovery could ease size of drop, but will not offset the decline
21 May
Repsol Norge saves cement utilization through use of new technology at Kathryn well
This was the first use of this technology in sandy seabed conditions
25 May
  • Global concrete admixtures report

    The report analyzes the global market and outlook for chemicals additives in various concrete-related segments, including ready-mix concrete, precast, blocks and pipes.

  • Ground and precipitated calcium carbonate industry report and outlook

    The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the world ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) markets and demand outlook through 2021. GCC and PCC are used as a filler in paper, plastic, coating, rubber, adhesive and sealant manufacturing and the study covers all the segments, evaluating the drivers, challenges and opportunities facing each.

  • Global Clay Bricks Market Report and Forecast

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the global clay bricks market.

Kenya (December 2019)

Cement production rose both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting a 9.6% MoM increase and a 7.5%...

India (March 2020)

Cement production in India posted a 19.5% month-on-month decline in March, reaching 24.9 million ton...

Spain (January 2020)

Cement demand continued to drop YoY in January in Spain. YTD, cement demand in Spain peaked in Janu...

Thailand (December 2019)

Cement production in Thailand increased 5.7% month-on-month in December, reaching 3,286,958 tons. Ye...

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