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The project will be located in the state of Espírito Santo

Several factors caused the decline in pricing for petroleum coke

Low demand for the fossil fuel to cause a drop in international sales

Data for June 28

Coal facilities overflowing due to low coal-fueled energy demands


15 July 2019

India’s cement makers’ margins to remain thin in FY20

Analysts expect lower demand despite improvements in other key areas

15 July 2019

Cementos Alfa's results surge in 2018

The company decided to invest in energy recovery and waste treatment

15 July 2019

Consumption of cement in Morocco rises in January-June

Shipments in June alone grew year-on-year

15 July 2019

Congo’s cement industry quadruples production volume in a decade

Cement demand has expanded at a similar rate

15 July 2019

Canadian government sells stake in petcoke-handling terminal

The majority stake is being acquired by US investors

15 July 2019

Lower coal prices to not affect Whitehaven

The company's coal rate was above the benchmark price

15 July 2019

Coal prices to decline in 2019

Moves to more renewable energies are affecting coal sales

South African cement makers call for import tariffs
Companies say that cheaper imports are causing their sales to drop
12 Jul
India: Gujarat state urged to ensure compliance with laws
The National Green Tribunal requested the state pollution control board to make sure petcoke is not
10 Jul
Morocco’s cement sales increase in January-May
Loans to real estate development have been increasing
 9 Jul
India’s cement sales decline in 1QFY20
The general election and other factors pressured the sector down
11 Jul
Pakistan’s cement sales in 2018-19 remain flat
Exports have expanded, while domestic sales have fallen
11 Jul
Goa Carbon’s June quarter results hampered by lower demand
The company produces calcined petroleum coke
11 Jul
United States (March 2019)

Portland cement shipments, including exports, continued to fall YoY in March in United States. For ...

Saudi Arabia (May 2019)

Cement demand continued to fall YoY in May in Saudi Arabia. Cement demand in Saudi Arabia fell to...

Peru (May 2019)

Cement production continued to expand YoY in May in Peru. Cement production increased both month-on-...

Malaysia (March 2019)

Cement production in Malaysia increased by 17.3% to 1,381,000 tons during the month of March compare...

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