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On September 27 Capesize rates declined

Shipments increased 40 percent

The project was launched in Honduras

The overall index, which factors in rates for capesize, panamax and supramax shipping vessels, fell 90 points, or about 7.4 percent

Total cement sales increased to almost 4 million tons in the period


06 October 2022

Cement prices rise in China

In almost 20 provinces

06 October 2022

Vedanta registers growth in aluminum production

Data refers to second quarter of the current fiscal year

05 October 2022

Bolivian cement industry indicators still below pre-pandemic levels

Industry is on an upward trend but still lags behind 2019

05 October 2022

Petcoke consumption in India increases in the first 8 months of the year

The increase is due to a revival in demand

04 October 2022

Omsk Refinery with new coke refrigerator from Uralkhimmash

The Yekaterinburg plant will return to production with rotating drums

04 October 2022

Rise in the Baltic Index on October 4

The increase reflects higher demand for Capesize vessels

03 October 2022

Iran’s aluminum output rises

In the 5 months to August

China’s aluminum production grows in August
Chinese aluminum output reaches high records as global demand declines
27 Sep
Titan Cement Group to be involved in green hydrogen production
Company introduces environmentally-friendly project
28 Sep
27 Sep
Norsk Hydro reduces aluminum output
The adjustment is a result to decrease in demand
28 Sep
Cement sales in Pakistan on track to increase in September
Domestic deliveries are also expected to rise
30 Sep
Indian petcoke sales decrease in August
Demand reported by the cement sector is low
29 Sep
China reduces aluminum smelters operating rates
Southwest China’s Yunnan province is facing hydropower shortages
30 Sep
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Year-on-year, cement demand kept declining in August in Spain. Cement demand in Spain dropped 8.5% ...

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Year-on-year, total cement sales kept dropping in June in Turkey. For the year-to-date period, ceme...

Saudi Arabia (August 2022)

Cement demand continued to grow YoY in August in Saudi Arabia. Cement demand rose both month-on-mont...

Peru (August 2022)

Year-on-year, cement production kept growing in August in Peru. During the month, cement production ...

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