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The company produces carbon anodes through a mix of petcoke and coal tar pitch

Overall fuel sales contracted during the month

Investment in real estate declined during the same period

US petcoke exports reached 33.4 million tons in 2019, according to leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique CW Group.

Prices are rising while input costs are contracting


03 June 2020

Cement sales in Morocco decline in April

Sales to the infrastructure segment increased during the month

03 June 2020

Northvolt and Norsk Hydro form joint venture for recycling dead EV batteries

The aluminum giant is an investor in Northvolt

03 June 2020

Baltic Dry Index continues to surge

Data for June 2

03 June 2020

New Hope to be hit by declining coal prices

Global coal demand has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic

03 June 2020

Australia’s coal exports to China skyrocket in May

Prices reached their lowest since January 2016

02 June 2020

Peru’s cement sales fall sharply in April

Construction activity in the sector has slowed down sharply

02 June 2020

Shell closes coking unit at Louisiana refinery due to CDU malfunction

The malfunction led to a loss of feed to the coker, which produces petroleum coke

Tibetan cement producers sign new sales contract
Several local agents participated in a meeting to address issues in the sector
26 May
Portugal: Cement sales spike in March despite economic mayhem
Overall construction did not stop despite the State of Emergency
26 May
India’s crude processing in April records biggest drop in nearly two decades
Overall fuel demand contracted sharply during the month
26 May
Glencore and Tohoku Electric settle coal contract price
Value fell from what was initially agree due to the coronavirus pandemic
25 May
Vietnam’s cement consumption not expected to grow in 2020
Several construction segments were heavily affected by COVID-19
27 May
CW Research: Japan's uncalcined petroleum coke production decreases in February
Green petcoke production continued to fall YoY in February in Japan
26 May
CW Research: US green petcoke production grows in January
Output of raw petroleum coke improved yearly but fell monthly
28 May
Indonesia (January 2020)

Cement demand continued to fall YoY in January in Indonesia. For the year-to-date period, cement ce...

Egypt (December 2019)

Cement production continued to increase YoY in December in Egypt. Cement production in Egypt streng...

China (March 2020)

Year-on-year, cement production kept falling in March in China. YTD, cement production in China peak...

Vietnam (April 2020)

Year-on-year, cement production kept falling in April in Vietnam. YTD, cement production in Vietnam...

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