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The company has inaugurated its new Climafuel production facility in the cement plant

The vessel is to be immediately delivered and put into charter

On the other hand, the value of cement exports increased in the period

Iran’s aluminum output increased 4 percent during the current fiscal year’s first two months

The investment will be made in the Gladstone, Australia, operations


06 July 2022

Cement investors welcome decrease in petroleum coke prices

The average US pet coke price fell 10 percent month-on-month in June to USD 245/ton and a similar dr

06 July 2022

Saudi Arabian cement producing cost to go up on fuel prices surge

Higher fuel prices could push profitability sharply down unless companies raise prices

06 July 2022

Shaanxi Ecological Cement posts growth in sales in June

Sales volume has increased by 6.3 percent year-on-year

06 July 2022

Cement sales in Pakistan closes FY22 with decline

The industry saw a sharp decline in exports and stagnant domestic intake

06 July 2022

Baltic Dry Index falls further to 2,098 points

The index lost 61 points on July 5

05 July 2022

ICA-FLUOR to build coketing plant at the Antonio Dovalí Jaime de Salina Cruz refinery

One of the main points in the refining process is delayed coking, which consists of the arrival of t

05 July 2022

Baltic Dry Index falls to 2,159 points

The index lost 55 points on July 4

Dos Bocas to open this week
The arrival of equipment by sea, such as the heater sections at the coke plant, hydrotreatment react
29 Jun
Baltic Dry Index weakens to 2,331 points
The index lost 23 points on June 24
27 Jun
30 Jun
Hyundai Oilbank promotes the production of recycled plastic products
This is part of the company’s eco-friendly projects
 1 Jul
Saudi Arabia’s cement producers record a fall in May output
In the first five months of 2022, cement output fell 12 percent from the same period of 2021
 1 Jul
Baltic Dry Index falls to 2,295 points
The index lost 36 points on June 27
28 Jun
Spasskcement ships its millionth ton of cement
The mark reached the mark a month earlier than in previous years
 1 Jul
Turkey (March 2022)

For the year-to-date period, cement total cement sales in Turkey peaked in March at 5,373,666 tons...

Lebanon (March 2022)

Cement sales strengthened both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting a 40.2% MoM increase and a ...

United States (March 2022)

For the year-to-date period, Portland cement shipments, including exports, in the United States pe...

Saudi Arabia (May 2022)

During the month, cement demand improved both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting a 16.0% MoM ...

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