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Sep 2020
New refineries to propel Nigeria as a net exporter of petroleum products by 2022

The country aims to grow its oil reserve to 40 billion barrels  ...


Aug 2020
Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC announces progress in Ruwais refinery upgrade

Its billion-dollar investment is 73 percent complete


Aug 2020
United States’ oil reserves drop for three consecutive weeks

Meanwhile, oil prices climbed back up to levels of March


Jul 2020
North Dakota records one of the worst drops in oil production among US producers

The oil industry accounts for about half of the state’s total tax collections


Jul 2020
Refinery to be installed in Rio de Janeiro’s Porto do Açu

This project is a significant milestone for the development of the industrial district and of the entire region


Jul 2020
US crude oil imports from Mexico reach 8-year peak in late June

Increasing inventories and a fire incident forced Mexico to sell more barrels  ...


Jun 2020
Indian Oil acquiring more than 20 million barrels of US crude oil

The products will be delivered for October 2020-March 2021


Apr 2020
Shell’s refinery in Lousiana restarting coker unit

The coker produces petroleum coke


Mar 2020
Exxon decreases output of Louisiana refinery

The refinery produces petcoke


Feb 2020
Exxon Mobil restarting coking unit at Louisiana refinery

The refinery shut down some units after an accident on February 12


Feb 2020
Aramco expects oil demand to top 100 million barrels in 2020

The rise of the global middle class is expected to boost consumption


Dec 2019
US: Shell shuts down coker at refinery in Louisiana

The coker produces petroleum coke


Nov 2019
US exports of petcoke decline in January-August

The country’s consumption of finished products declined year-on-year


Nov 2019
Shell restarting coking unit at US Gulf Coast refinery

The unit was shutdown for maintenance


Nov 2019
PBF Energy restarts coker unit at Louisiana refinery

The unit had been idle since 2010


Oct 2019
Shell shuts down Texas refinery to overhaul coker

The company is beginning maintenance at the facility for several units


Sep 2019
US Gulf Coast refinery cuts petcoke production

A hurricane in the area made it dangerous to operate equipment


Aug 2019
US: Coker issues at Total refinery lead to cuts in output

The overall production was halved


Aug 2019
US: Royal Dutch Shell refinery restarting coker at Norco refinery

The facility was closed in the first two weeks of July


Jul 2019
Reliance’s petcoke project boosts refinery complexity index

The company’s Jamnagar complex is first in the world in complexity barrels  ...


Jul 2019
US: Weather causes partial shutdown of petcoke-producing refinery

A tropical storm caused disruptions in the country’s overall crude output


Jun 2019
Valero resumes output at Benicia refinery

The facility produces petcoke


Mar 2019
Bapco modernization project including delayed coker

The project will produce petcoke for use in Bahrain’s aluminum industry


Jun 2018
US: Exxon Mobil restarting Beaumont refinery

Issues with one of the units affected coker output


Jun 2018
Japanese refinery coker closes after earthquake

The shuttering unlikely to affect shipments

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