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Mar 2019
Coal prices continue to decline in Europe

Bearish sentiment was brought by warm temperatures and profitability changes on coal-fired power plants  ...


Jan 2019
Lignite production declines in Germany during 2018

Country expects new falls in lignite production in the coming years


Jan 2019
PLN (Indonesia) to burn more coal this year

National power utility expects higher demand for coal from new coal-fired power plants  ...


Dec 2018
Uk's coal imports rise in October

Imports reached nine-month high as power utilities replenish inventories


Dec 2018
Indian coal-fired power plants improve stockpiles

Record supply of coal replenishes the stockpile of coal-fired power plants in the country  ...


Nov 2018
Carbon prices increase, coal prices fall in Europe

Profit margin of coal-fired power plants has improved  ...


Nov 2018
Thermal coal price rally may be hidding other trends

Higher prices are creating constrains on new coal-fired power projects, possibly capping future demand  ...


Oct 2018
Power prices rise in Germany over problems in coal barging

Day-ahead prices surged as load declines at Maim coal-fired power plant  ...


Oct 2018
Coal stockpiles increase at the Dutch ports

Lower river levels difficult barge transportation to inland coal-fired power plants  ...


Oct 2018
Coal output in Indonesia reaches close to two-thirds of annual guidance

Domestic sales lag behind due to slowdown on PLN's coal-fired powered generation policy  ...

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