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Mar 2019
Coal inventory of Indian thermal power plants improves

Stockpiles reach highest level since August 2016


Mar 2019
Indian state-owned thermal power plants import more coal

Figures for April 2018 to January 2019


Mar 2019
Power plants owned by the state import more coal, India

Figures for the first 10 months of the current fiscal year


Mar 2019
Coal prices continue to decline in Europe

Bearish sentiment was brought by warm temperatures and profitability changes on coal-fired power plants  ...


Jan 2019
Coal India provides more fuel to power companies

Coal inventory at thermal power plants has increased over the past year  ...


Jan 2019
PLN (Indonesia) to burn more coal this year

National power utility expects higher demand for coal from new coal-fired power plants  ...


Dec 2018
Uk's coal imports rise in October

Imports reached nine-month high as power utilities replenish inventories


Dec 2018
India boosts domestic coal supplies, wishes import reduction

Power plants replenish their inventories  ...


Dec 2018
Coal inventories improve at Indian power plants

Number of plants operating at super-critical low-levels of coal stock falls  ...


Dec 2018
Indian coal-fired power plants improve stockpiles

Record supply of coal replenishes the stockpile of coal-fired power plants in the country  ...


Nov 2018
Vietnam suffers from coal shortage

Several power plants operate below capacity  ...


Nov 2018
Carbon prices increase, coal prices fall in Europe

Profit margin of coal-fired power plants has improved  ...


Nov 2018
Coal imports reach Port of Yuzhny, Ukraine

African coal will go to the Darnytska and Chernihivska power plants  ...


Nov 2018
India's non-power sectors pay large premium for coal

Coal India has been diverting fuel to power plants  ...


Oct 2018
Coal stocks of India's thermal power plants at historical low

Coal India's boost in output and offtake not enough to improve the situation


Oct 2018
Coal India promises improvement in supply for November

Company will increase daily offtake and supply of pithead plants  ...


Oct 2018
Coal India sells fuel to captive power plants

Company conducted three rounds of e-auctions to the cement, sponge iron, and captive power producers


Oct 2018
Alcoa closing two aluminum plants in Spain

The government has asked the company to invest more in the units

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