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Dec 2017
India: Petcoke ban affects salt refinery

Industry is highly reliant on petcoke, units have already closed  ...


Dec 2017
Indian refiners using petcoke for power generation

Several ongoing and upcoming projects depend on the fuel to function


Dec 2017
Russia: Lukoil takes final investment decision on delayed coker complex

Complex to include several units other than the coker  ...


Nov 2017
CW Research: Weekly petcoke market update

Highlights from the global petcoke market in the previous week


Nov 2017
Indian companies partnering to develop new refinery project

New plant will include coking unit


Nov 2017
India: Supreme Court not lifting ban on petcoke

Prohibition to burn fuel in the NCR will hold


Nov 2017
South Korean refiners to expand petcoke units

Companies want to upgrade units due to tighter rules on shipping fuel  ...


Oct 2017
US: Port Arthur refinery to restart more units

Coking unit is already working


Oct 2017
Port Arthur refinery completes restart

US unit restarting units after hurricane forced it to shutdown  ...


Oct 2017
US aluminum imports keep rising

Domestic plants are closing as they are unable to compete with what they deem as unfair trade


Sep 2017
Japan's Cosmo Oil boosts diesel output to meet demand from 2020

The company, wholly owned by Cosmo Energy Holdings, is considering adding units such as a desalter  ...


Sep 2017
Exxon's Beaumont, Texas refinery coker runs at reduced rates

Most production units at the refinery are expected to reach their best possible capacity by early next week  ...


Sep 2017
Exxon Beaumont refinery may restart most units this week

The refinery's two oil distillation units restarted on Friday  ...


Aug 2017
Hurricane Harvey forcing refineries to shutdown

Petcoke-producing units in the US Gulf Coast were shut down or scaled down activity  ...

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