CemWeek Magazine

CemWeek Magazine: Jan/Feb 2018

In the 42nd issue of CemWeek Magazine, we interviewed Stelios Sycopetrides, who looks back on Vassiliko Cement’s 50 years of history. CW Research analyzes the current status of the global cement equipment market and explains how the automation and green sub-segments will take the lead through 2022.

Leaders Q&A: Stelios Sycopetrides

·        Stelios Sycopetrides looks back on Vassiliko Cement’s 50 years of history and discusses how the company has shaped its presence in the international cement market through a constant focus on green initiatives and social responsibility principles.

 CW Research: Automated & Green – The future of the cement equipment market

While capacity additions will be slowing down in the next five years, a surge in upgrades will be driving future consumption of cement equipment.

Blockchain Technology: A Game Changer for Bulk Logistics?

Blockchain is the latest in a long line of hype-driven technologies that is almost impossible to escape. From tracking tuna to tamper-proof money transfer, it seems to be a game changer for business and society.


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