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CemWeek Issue 13

This issue of the globally-focused CemWeek Magazine takes a look at cement markets around the world, with the spotlight specifically on the cement sectors in Spain and Egypt. Environmental policies challenging key markets around the world are highlighted. The CW Group's global volume forecast for the first half of 2013 and an interview with Ayman Ismail, the head of Asec Trading is also included.

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10 Environmental Policies Challenge an Industry
Value Engineering as a Strategic Mode

14 Leaders Comment
Ayman Ismail, head of Asec Trading

26 Country Snapshots:
Spain: Sustainability Commitment Continues

4 Analysis
1H2013 Cement Volume Forecast

Numbers in Brief
2 Cement Equipment Indices

24 Saudi Arabia Entering Golden Era
20 A Gloomy 2012 But Not for All

Regional Focus
08 Egypt’s Economy: Challenges Ahead

Regional Reports
28 Europe, Middle East & Africa
33 South Asia
32 Asia Pacific
34 Americas

From our Industry Partner
36 Building materials update

Projects & People
40 Equipment & Notable projects
41 People on the move


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