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CemWeek Magazine #47: December 2018

In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Tom Tietz, Executive Director at California Nevada Cement Association, on the California/Nevada cement industry, concrete, and curbing CO2 emissions;

- Analysis of the US cement industry and whether it can sustain a growing cement demand;

- Global and regional assessment of domestic and trade cement prices in 3Q 2018;

- Focus on the Kenyan cement market.


Leaders Q&A: Tom Tietz

With California among the top cement producing states in the US and some of its city streets and freeways approaching 100 years with limited maintenance, Thomas Tietz tells CemWeek Magazine how the story of concrete is underrated, and how California cement producers are planning to curb CO2 emissions over the long term


Insight Analysis: Can the US cement industry keep up with a growing demand?

Although the US construction industry is feeling the positive effects of several government decisions, the headwinds of others could start to blow away their margins in the next few years. Can the industry continue its upward trajectory, or will its ascendance be cut short?


CW Research: Cement prices lose steam entering the fourth quarter

Gray cement prices, both domestic and trade, recorded positive developments in the third quarter, boosted by higher input costs and a shrinking Chinese production. However, the winter season is bound to bring about a general slowdown


Country Snapshot: Infrastructure and housing boosting Kenyan cement demand

CW Research analyzes the small and competitive Kenyan cement market, as the country’s construction industry is poised to become its fastest-growing sector over the coming decade

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