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CemWeek Magazine #48 - February 2019

In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Paul Rodzianko, President of Georgian Cement Association and CEO of Kavkaz Cement, on the importance of controlling cement quality, the competitiveness of the Georgian cement industry, and sustainability;

- Most read stories of 2018 in the global cement industry: the top news show a cement industry willing to embrace the future;

- 4 Challenges facing the cement industry in 2019: from a slowing economic growth to sustainability;

- Oil well cement: CW Research analyzes production, demand and pricing trends of a recovering premium industry through 2024.


Leaders Q&A: Paul Rodzianko

In an exclusive interview with CemWeek Magazine, Paul Rodzianko addresses a major issue in the Georgian cement industry: poor-quality cement. In a comprehensive discussion, Rodzianko explains the background for the creation of the Georgian Cement Association, the impact of a possible dumping situation, and what the Georgian cement industry can do to become more competitive and sustainable


Insight Analysis: Most read stories of 2018 in the global cement industry

CemWeek Magazine compiles the most popular news of a dynamic year that shows a cement industry willing to embrace a challenging future


Insight Analysis: 4 Challenges for the cement industry in 2019 and beyond

The IMF and the World Bank are expecting the world economy to face several challenges in 2019, as some key economies cool down. As governments face issues that will affect their decisions for investment in the construction sector, how will the global sector be affected by an expected economic slowdown during the year?


CW Research: Volatility ahead as oil well cement prices head towards recovery

An improvement in crude oil prices has resulted in a timid recovery in oil well cement demand and prices at the global level. Going forward, both markets will remain under the threat of global macroeconomic and country-specific risks

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